Dairy-free, Plant-based Milo now available in Singapore - Alvinology

Dairy-free, Plant-based Milo now available in Singapore

Nestlé Singapore announced the launch of a plant-based variant of its popular MILO chocolate malt drink today – MILO Dairy Free Soy & Almond. Packaged in a bottle of delectableness, the tasty addition to MILO’s lineup is the world’s first MILO Dairy Free variant in 500ml.

Chocolate Malt Plant-Based Deliciousness

The development teams worked hard to deliver the ionic MILO taste while using only plant-based ingredients. This new version replaces the milk in the original recipe with almond and soy, but the other two core ingredients – malt and cocoa – remain the same.

Each bottle offers double the protein (7.6 grams) and is also low in sugar, with a combination of vitamins and minerals to provide the energy and nourishment needed.

Dairy-free, Plant-based Milo now available in Singapore - Alvinology

Dairy-Free Alternative

The need for plant-based dairy alternatives that taste great and offer strong nutritionals is rising, as more families are following this trend. In particular, many consumers cite environmental reasons, as plant-based proteins are produced with significantly lower emissions, and land- and water usage.

In Singapore, soy milk and almond milk are the two most popular dairy alternatives, which are rich in essential amino acids and an excellent choice for weight management. In a nutshell, both soy and almond milk are nutritious and delicious alternatives that offer a range of health benefits.

Price and Availability

MILO Dairy Free Soy & Almond 500ml is now available from S$2.50 at leading super and hypermarkets (Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant and Sheng Siong), Cheers, as well as e-retailers (Lazada, PandaMart, Redmart and Shopee).

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