As Singapore tightens rules on quarantines, bans, and closures throughout the country in hopes of stemming the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, bar hoppers and partygoers went out for one last hurrah–much to the dismay of everyone staying at home.

Government reminds nightspots to practice safe social distancing for their events, as crowds could provide the perfect opportunity for the Wuhan coronavirus to spread and crop up as a whole new batch of infected in the next few weeks.

All nightspots would subsequently be closed from March 26, midnight, until April 30. The government hopes that these measure will slow down the spread of COVID-19.

“We are aware a number of nightlife operators intend to host ‘farewell’ events tonight that could result in large numbers of people congregating,” said the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Enterprise Singapore and the police.

The joint statement released on Wednesday also called for people to reconsider going out in the interest of public health and their own wellbeing.

As for the the establishments, Singaporean officials have warned them that they should make sure they follow strict social distancing measures. This includes banning events of more than 250 people and maintaining 1 meter distance between people in lines.

Still they persisted

But bars and other nightspots advertised some “farewell” events to patrons in light of the impending closures–which drew the expected crowds. Take a look at what Clarke Quay looked like on March 25:

Here is another photo of a queue last night. Do you think that was one metre between people?

Some vendors, though, were careful in implementing the rules, and even put tape on the floor to indicate distance.

Other establishments weren’t as crowded, and looked like they fulfilled the requirements the government set on the last day.

What do netizens have to say about the ‘farewell’ events?

While the thirsty extroverts who had intense fears of missing out flocked to bars and night spots, the ones ready or used to staying at home had these things to say:

This commenter said that the reason for a possibly lockdown in the future is because of people and not the virus.

Another person commented that the government should have closed down entertainment venues immediately instead of giving them a few more days. They also mentioned the events in USA where young people flocked to Florida beaches despite the threat of the virus.

This person, on the other hand, said that the establishments are to blame. Instead of hyping up events, they should have been winding down in deference and awarenss of health concerns.

Another netizen pointed out that the crowds could become clusters of infections seen in the next two weeks. The netizen hoped this would not be the case.

This person pointed out that the while young people may not feel symptoms, the elderly they live with or will go home to would be at risk.

This commenter is asking for prayers that no one from the ‘farewell’ events would come out as new COVID-19 cases.

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Header image from Shutterstock, Clarke Quay in August 2019