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Did Pastor Joseph Prince prophesy the spread of COVID 19?


Joseph Prince, reportedly one of the most popular pastors in Singapore, and Head Pastor of the New Creation Church, allegedly predicted the spread of COVID-19, or the Wuhan coronavirus two years ago.

In a recent video sermon that he shared across his social media, website, and YouTube account, Pastor Joseph Prince of the New Creation Church said that he had predicted the rise of the Wuhan coronavirus in 2018.

Take a look at the particular sermons he was talking about here:

According to the video above, Pastor Joseph said that he mentioned the coming of a virus in his July 2018 sermon.

His July 2018 sermon featured a clip where he said that the devil was allegedly working on a flu or a virus that would spread everywhere. Joseph said that the devil was reportedly developing a virus like Ebola or a new flu virus.

He also went further to say that he predicted that the flu-like virus would be resistant to medical science and would be difficult to deal with internationally.

The rest of sermon is devoted to saying how he thinks that God would protect the members of his church from the Wuhan coronavirus and other problems in their lives.

Who is Joseph Prince?

According to his Wikipedia page, Joseph Prince is a 56-year-old evangelist who lived most of his early life in Malaysia and was responsible for growing a church from 150 members to 31,000 members as of publishing.

The son of a Sikh priest and a Chinese mother, his birth name was Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh, but he later changed his name when he shifted professions from being an IT Consultant to a pastor.

He founded the New Creation Church in 1983. He named himself Joseph Prince. He had reportedly become a Christian when he was 12 years old.

He married his wife, Wendy, in 1995. They have two children, Jessica Shayna, and Justin David.

Netizens outside his church disagree

Some people online who have noticed his sermon said that he did not actually prophesize the rise of COVID-19. Here are some of their comments.

One commenter said that the pastor should be charged for saying that the devil is responsible for the Wuhan coronavirus. The commenter also said that blaming the devil is quite irresponsible.

Did Pastor Joseph Prince prophesy the spread of COVID 19? - Alvinology

Another commenter “prophesied” that a lot of people would believe Joseph.

Did Pastor Joseph Prince prophesy the spread of COVID 19? - Alvinology

This commenter pointed out that history repeating itself cannot be considered a prophecy. The person further said that for the pastor to make a real prophecy, he should have given more specific details like indicated where the infection would have originated from.

Did Pastor Joseph Prince prophesy the spread of COVID 19? - Alvinology

Churches seen as pos/sible sites of spread

After a large cluster of people were infected in two different churches, a lot of other religious organizations have decided to postpone masses and instead preach to their members through videos.

The largest cluster of infections in Singapore had so far come from the Grace Assembly of God church. A previous report from Alvinology mentioned that a person who had Chinese New Year dinner with two Wuhan travelers had brought the disease first to the church workers and staff–who eventually spread the disease to members of the church.

  1. one thing i disapprove from New Creation church is that, members need to pay for sermons if they missed it. There are occasional free sermons available for streaming or download but they should be made free.

    1. I had that same thought. But pastor Prince does not collect a salary from the church, his income comes from the sales of his intellectual material (CD sermons and books), and yet he donates a lot of the sales to his church. The also give the sermons free to those who served in the church. I heard that Pastor Prince is renting too. But I think he should just start collecting a fixed salary from NCC and make the sermons free, because after all, it is the word of God and it should be free to all those who want to hear the word of God. Some people from different countries , their policies prevent purchases of his sermons and some christians cannot afford it. But I definately, think the sermons should be free. I think in the future all his sermons might be free. Btw, are you from NCC?

  2. i used to attend for 7 years but i believe I’m led to go somewhere else due to personal jouney. Hope his sermons will be free for all.

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