Just like grandma panties, bacon briefs may look ugly, but they’re the comfiest to wear for most guys.

But with this brand of men’s underwear called Bundies, you may get the comfort of your most worn-out pair of underwear without the ugly look.

Bundies underwear comes in three styles – Knitted Trunks, Knitted Boxers and Woven Boxers.

The company promises you the most comfortable underwear with flattering cuts and soft, stretchy Elastane Jersey waistbands that will not leave a mark.

The company is convinced that a care label on the inside of your undies should be informative and not annoying, so Bundies care labels are printed directly on the undies – not by adding an extra fabric.

Making sure that your comfort is sustainable, Bundies says that it uses the highest quality sustainable certified fabrics such as the Lenzing Modal fabric and 100% Organic Cotton that has a low impact on the environment.

Harvested from sustainable beechwood forestry plantations in Europe, the low fibre rigidity and cross-section of Lenzing Modal fibres ensures utmost softness in a completely natural way. Measurements of the softness factor show that Lenzing Modal fibres are twice as soft as cotton.

Softness scale according to the Kawabata method (Kawabata Evaluation Systems for Fabrics):

Take a look at their designs below:




























Subscription service

For men who don’t prioritise buying underwear, Bundies offers subscription packages that send you new underwear each month.

The first of its kind in Asia, the Bundies Subscription model sends you the most comfortable undies monthly or bi- monthly – you decide. If you are not one to commit, you are free to change, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. As a subscriber, you save up to 15% on your everyday essentials, save time on shopping and most importantly, keep your wardrobe of comfortable undies fresh.

All you have to do is choose from four subscription packages, Classic, Funky, Smart or Breezy, and Bundies will take care of the rest. Or, if you are game for a surprise, subscribe to the Mix package!

Learn more about the brand on their website.