Jetstar conducts a nation-wide survey on what Singaporeans really want on Valentine’s Day. In particular, whether traditional gifts of flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys or jewellery were still popular.

The survey revealed that 75 per cent found traditional Valentine’s Day gifts cliché, commercialized, boring and unimaginative while 88 per cent preferred the gift of a new experience over traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.

The survey also revealed that:

  • 40% spent between $50 to $200 on their Valentines last year
  • 73% who purchased chocolates or stuffed toys typically spent $50 or less
  • 37% who purchased flowers typically spent $50 to $100
  • 56% who purchased jewellery typically spent $200 or more

To offer Singaporeans a new and exciting gift option for their loved ones this year, Jetstar will introduce the ‘Crush the Cliché V-Day Sale’, where a fare matches the cost of a traditional gift. The eight-day sale starts today, till 16 February. For $50 or what you would pay for a stuffed toy or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s, could experience:

  • Kuala Lumpur from S$58
  • Penang from S$58
  • Phuket from S$61
  • Bangkok from S$69
  • Ho Chi Minh City from S$69

For $100 or what you would pay for a bouquet of flowers, you could experience:

  • Danang from S$72
  • Surabaya from S$75
  • Medan from S$76
  • Phnom Penh from S$79
  • Bali from S$89
  • Clark from S$89
  • Yangon form S$91

For $200 or what you would pay for jewellery, you could experience:

  • Manila from S$99
  • Taipei from S$99
  • Darwin from S$102
  • Okinawa from S$121

Fares are one way, inclusive of taxes and fees for travel between 17 February – 25 October 2020. Sale ends 11:59 PM on 16 February 2020. Terms and Conditions apply.

Visit here to start making memories with Jetstar’s Valentine’s Day Sale.