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New bathrooms with GROHE (Part 2): What’s special about $700 basin mixers

When GROHE approached us to makeover our bathrooms, I said, leave the basin mixers alone, they’re fine and don’t need changing.

But the generous folks at GROHE insisted on changing them so that we could get the complete makeover experience. And I am glad that they did!

Veris basin mixer ($705)
Veris basin mixer ($705)
Eurocube basin mixer ($517)
Eurocube basin mixer ($517)

At first I didn’t see sense in changing out our old bathroom sink taps, but right after doing so I discovered that Asher could control the flow of the water more easily than with the previous taps. The lever of the GROHE faucet is adequately responsive and doesn’t require too much force to turn on; neither is it so loose that it would cause waste. Our old taps had an eco-touch thing going on but the water would just spurt out of the tap and hit the sink so hard that users would be spattered too. The new GROHE taps are fitted with built-in bubblers which save water and create softer impact on the porcelain sinks.

Alvin’s bathroom got fitted with the Eurocube basin mixer while mine got fitted with the Veris. Although the Veris is more expensive than the Eurocube, from the user’s standpoint they are both just as good. It just depends on what design and look you are going for.

GROHE’s products are made to last: its raw materials contain 90 per cent less lead than standard brass and is five times more resistant to corrosion. At GROHE’s testing laboratories, their faucets, showers and thermostats and all the components that go with them have to endure the simulated effects of 20 years’ daily use. You can see a model of a basin mixer which is constantly turned on and off at the GROHE Live! Center in Clemenceau Avenue.

Why Grohe fittings are more durable
Why GROHE fittings are more durable
Cross section of a Grohe basin mixer faucet
Cross section of a GROHE basin mixer faucet
Demonstration of how a basin mixer with EcoTouch technology saves 50% water when compared to a normal basin mixer
Demonstration of how a basin mixer with EcoJoy technology saves 50% water when compared to a normal basin mixer
A variety of basin mixers can be found at the Grohe Live! Center
A variety of basin mixers can be found at the GROHE Live! Center

All prices quoted in this post are recommended retail prices in SGD. You can view a full range of GROHE products at the GROHE Live! Center, which is open by appointment only.

For more information, please call +65 6311 3611.

GROHE Live! Center, Singapore
GROHE Pacific Pte Ltd
180 Clemenceau Avenue #01-01/02
Haw Par Centre
Singapore 239922


Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm.

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