Singaporean top vlogger Jianhao Tan recently stopped the crowdfunding efforts for his movie, which he had planned to start shooting in June 2020. He had set the funding goal for his movie at $500,000 before taking it down on December 8, 2019.

The movie was named School Trip, and already had a poster featuring the cast.

Source: Jianhao Tan IndieGogo School Trip campaign page

What was the Jianhao Tan movie about?

According to a previous video that Jianhao uploaded, he had planned to make a movie involving the characters in his popular School series. Included in this series are other vloggers like Naomi Neo and Dee Kosh, as well as his siter and lot of his friends. They featured a lot of relatable content to Singaporean youth and are viewed in the millions.

Naomi Neo is in the movie? Isn’t she his ex? Are they still close friends?

Jianhao said that instead of producing a 15-minute video every month, he had decided to do a whole movie that will be shown for free on his YouTube channel.

He cited that the movie would cost quite a lot, and that was why he was asking for donations from his supporters. He also mentioned that some of the proceeds from the movie would go to the building of a school for underprivileged kids in Myanmar.

Why did the Jianhao Tan movie crowdfunding page go down?

Jianhao had changed the description of the crowdfunding page on December 10, and said that he would be funding the movie. Instead of asking for support from his followers and other netizens, Jianhao said that he decided to fund the project himself.

He cited that he had received overwhelming support from friends and family, and that his supporters no longer needed to help fund the movie, which would be shown in 2020.

He said that the movie will still be free to watch on his YouTube channel. Everyone who donated to his initial campaign would be refunded and that they could expect an email with a special “something.”

He had accumulated around $17,000 in funding when he changed his mind.

Jianhao is still leaving IndieGoGo campaign open

But Jianhao isn’t taking down he campaign page, as he has pledged to build a school in Myanmar, and all the money that people still want to donate to the effort may be sent through the existing fundraiser.

Netizens comment on Jianhao Tan movie changes

Singaporean netizens took notice of the sudden change, and were quick to post their comments online.

This user said that Jianhao can alternatively fund his movie through sponsors. This is typical for online celebrities who have a lot of endorsements, and can exchange exposure in the movie for support. This particular commenter reluctantly admired Jianhao.

This person on the other hand, pointed out how many people donated to the initial fundraiser compared to how many YouTube subscribers Jianhao had.

This one said that if Jianhao sold one of his Maserati sports cars, he would be able to afford the movie.

Jianhao has a Maserati and the haters are here for it!

This commenter offered up a reason as to why the fundraising was stopped, thinking that a bad movie could destroy Jianhao’s career.

This person pointed out how much the fundraiser made in the few days it was live, which was around $17,000.

Some people just wanted to make fun of the response to the crowdfunding.

This one alleged that not a lot of people were donating.

This one questioned why he should ask money from his supporters when his accounts are filled with him living in a very nice home and driving a sports car.

Do you support Jianhao Tan? What do you think of his plans for his movie? Let us know in the comments!

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