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Ex-Transcab road rage driver allegedly withdrew CPF and fled to Malaysia, said threatened Johor Bahru landlord

Alvinology previously reported on the actions of a 42-year-old ex-Transcab driver who was caught on video in various violent acts. In our previous report, the man figured in two viral videos.

Watch the Ex-Transcab driver do these horrible acts to people on the road and decide for yourself.

The first video showed the man berating people around him and making rude hand gestures before driving off. His previous passengers’ luggage were laid haphazardly on the ground, and one of them even had a child carrier on them.

The next video showed the same man trying to bash his way through a person’s car windows. Using his fist and elbow, the ex-Transcab driver tried to break the car windows at the person taking the video. He tried to break every single car window, and even told his passenger to vacate his Transcab taxi.

He also made rude hand gestures to the person taking the video. Eventually, the person he was threatening was able to drive off, leaving the Transcab driver and his cab on the side of the road, not heeding the other vehicles behind him.

Chinese newspaper reveals more details

According to a Chinese newspaper, the man allegedly lived in Johor Bahru, and had previous violent tendencies towards his landlord.

The man was allegedly a horrible tenant, and had been renting the specific apartment in Johor Bahru for the past two years. He allegedly paid his dues late, and as of publishing owes the landlord around two months’ worth of rent and utilities.

He had also previously almost gotten his water and electricity cut off for non-payment.

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According to the newspaper, the man allegedly owes around $700 for utilities and rent to the landlord, but has not paid. With the viral video and police investigation ongoing, the apartment owner fears they will not receive the money at all.

The report also said that the landlord has given up on the violent man, and hopes that he moves out soon. Previously, the man said that he would be moving out by January 24, but the landlord wouldn’t be surprised if he would lay low in his mainland China hometown.

The man had also spouted a lot of claims about his past. He has told the landlord that he had allegedly lost as much as $9,000,000 in a business deal, and that he has as much as $100,000 in his CPF account.

The report also mentioned that the landlord considered the man to be violent, and had threatened the former with murder if he was ever evicted.

The landlord said that the man was a naturalized Singapore citizen, but that the man expressed the desire to give up his citizenship and return to China.

Police are investigating

The viral videos had caught the attention of the police. The said in a comment on one of the videos that they are conducting investigations into the two incidents and that the man will be facing criminal charges.

The police have identified the man, but have not released nay of his information so that people would not take the law into their own hands.

Transcab has also mentioned in a comment on one of the videos that they have terminated the cab driver’s employment with their company and are fully cooperating with authorities on this matter. They also apologized profusely for the two incidents of road rage.

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