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Ex-Transcab driver tried to bash private car window, flipped off driver

Another day, another awful traffic incident–and we didn’t even need a personal mobility device (PMD) to get this one, thanks to Transcab.

A former driver for the ubiquitous taxi company was allegedly seen aggressively speaking and acting towards pedestrians and other motorists in two separate videos. A police post on Facebook has mentioned that the man is 42 years old.

The man appearing in the videos below is said to be charged in a case of road rage along Paterson Hill that happened on November 22. Another case hsa been filed for a November 24 incident of criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt on 14 Scotts Road.

According to a video uploaded on November 29, 2019, a Transcab driver can be seen making aggressive hand gestures and shouting at someone off-camera as two people (one with a baby carrier) watched on.

Take a look at the first video here.

The man kept on gesturing to the people around his cab, and using an insulting hand gesture.

Another video had surfaced that allegedly featured the same man in a much closer view. He had taken his face mask off, and he was in an altercation with another motorist.

Take a look at the video below.

The video shows a man similar in outfit to the Transcab driver in the first video. This time, though, he was quite close to the camera and is hitting the windows of a vehicle. He did this several times, all the while making a very rude hand gesture.

At some point in the video, he also went back to his cab and told his passenger to alight. He tried several times to break into the car, using his fist and elbow to break it, even going around to each of the windows to try to break in.

The motorist briefly rolled down the window to say “This is my witness!” even as the Transcab driver tried to break into the glass again.

The person taking the video is eventually able to pull away from the dangerous taxi driver, and get to safety. The taxi driver can be seen getting back into his cab.

Transcab says they fired the driver

In a message sent to the Facebook page who released the video, SG Road Vigilante revealed that Transcab has fired the driver in question from its roster.

The message, as sent to SG Road Vigilante, read, “Thank you for your feedback. As of yesterday, the company has terminated this driver and is no longer with Transcab. We do not condone such behavior and we will co-operate with the authorities on this matter. We feel sorry and regret for the way the driver handle such incident. We sincerely apologize to the public for this isolated case.”

Police investigating the incident

According to a comment by the Singapore Police Force, they have started a police investigation into the two videos, and have been able to identify the ex-Transcab driver who was the aggressor in them.

The police have urged the public not to doxx the man involved in the videos and to not take the law into their own hands.

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