Feeling bogged down by the pressures of life and looking for some stress relief? Well, OSIM’s got just what you need—their latest massage chair, the OSIM uDivine V!

OSIM uDivine V Launch at Salt Grill & Sky Bar

As OSIM’s first-ever Singaporean ambassador, homegrown talent JJ Lin was present at the uDivine V Launch on 26 September to share his thoughts on the new Dream Series.

JJ Lin at the OSIM uDivine V Launch
JJ Lin at the OSIM uDivine V Launch

He joins other big names such as Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, and Lee Min Ho in the OSIM family.

JJ Lin and the OSIM Singapore family

Just like OSIM itself, JJ Lin’s success on the international stage is a testament to the idea behind the uDivine V, that “Dreams Do Come True”. In this collaboration, he hopes to “inspire and motivate our new generation that dreams do come true as long as you are willing to embrace and pursue them”.

With popular radio personality Lin Lingzhi hosting the event, JJ was presented with an adorable keepsake from OSIM—a painting of himself in the blue uDivine V, his colour of choice. He also mentioned that he’s planning to get the massage chair for his parents!

JJ Lin receiving a painting of himself in the blue OSIM uDivine V, with Lin Lingzhi hosting

Also present were lifestyle blogger Naomi Neo, actress Constance Lau of Crazy Rich Asians fame, TV personality Kate Pang, and more.

Naomi Neo and Constance Lau trying out the copper and yellow uDivine V respectively
Kate Pang posing with the blue uDivine V

We all know the 5Cs of the Singaporean Dream: cash, car, condo, credit card, and country club membership. But the uDivine V focuses on a whole new set of 5Cs: comfort, care, colours, capability, and contentment.

As Charlie Teo, CEO of OSIM, notes, the uDivine V aims to create “a better quality of life [for dream chasers]” with these new 5Cs. It unites cutting-edge massage technologies and new programmes with extra features like an accompanying eye massager and in-built speakers to enhance your experience.

uDivine V in gorgeous colours, L–R: Copper, Yellow, Blue

In case you missed our last article, here’s everything you’ll be getting with the uDivine V:

  • V Hand™ Technology with 720° Roller Balls which rotate 360° in both directions, replicating the flexibility and grip of a skilled masseuse in a simulated 4-Hand Massage
  • Intelligent Auto Shoulder Detection Feature to personalise massages according to each user’s individual height and build, along with adjustable angle, side panels, and foot massager
  • Extra customisable features such as different massage programmes, intensities, techniques, and roller positions
  • Professional massage programmes by resident Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert Sato Tsuyoshi and four new downloadable programmes: uDivine V Signature, Sleep, Energise, and Deep Tissue
  • In-built speakers which allow you to listen to your favourite relaxation playlist while enjoying your massage
  • Signature heat therapy to loosen stiff muscles and joints
  • Safety sensors to prevent overheating as well as collision with nearby objects when reclining
  • Five soothing colours to choose from in a modern polished chrome and V-shaped leatherette design: Blue, Yellow, Purple, Copper, and Grey
  • Eye Massager, OSIM’s latest addition, for you to enjoy complete head-to-toe care with a concurrent eye massage

Register here for a 30-minute free massage trial on the uDivine V and receive a complimentary uMask Eye Massager worth S$45.90. There’s also a chance to win the massage chair for yourself in a contest which ends on 17 November!

From now until 27 October, the OSIM uDivine V is available at a preview promotion price of S$99 per month based on a 36-month instalment plan (S$3,599 total, U.P. S$4,999). Pre-order yours here or at any OSIM outlet or roadshow and receive it mid-November.