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Pokémon GO takes Hong Kong by Storm – Exclusive Bruce Li and Jackie Chan-inspired Pokemons to Catch!

Last Monday (25 July) when I landed in Hong Kong, Pokémon GO launched in Hong Kong on the same day.

The game took Hong Kong by storm, with large groups of players seen on the Hong Kong streets even till late into the night. With the help of some local friends, I managed to download the app too and enjoyed my Pokemon hunt during my stay in Hong Kong.

Many Hong Kong establishments have since stepped in to better help their consumers.

With the game relying heavily on data usage, Hong Kong mobile phone service providers CSL, is offering their consumers free unlimited data when downloading the Pokemon Go app while numerous city bars have taken it to the next level by introducing Pokémon cocktails this Summer.

Reinventing their cocktails this summer, Woobar of W Hong Kong introduces instagram-worthy cocktails inspired by iconic Pokémon characters:


Their bartenders have set the stage by replicated iconic characters like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Gengar and more into their drinks. Players can also enjoy complimentary summer cocktail after their first purchase when they check-in to W Hong Kong and sharing their Pokémon catch at Woobar on their social media channels.

Address: Woobar, W Hotel, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Tel: +852 3717 2889

The Woods, a bar in Central is welcoming all trainers with complimentary Wi-Fi and wall sockets for recharge their mobile devices. While waiting for their devices to be juiced up, customers can also get to enjoy their Pokémon -inspired menu and cocktails.

Address: The Woods, L/G, 17 Hollywood Road, Central, Tel: +852 2522 0281

Last but not least, as an effort to ensure the safety of all trainers, Harbour City launched a Pokemon Go Guide at Harbour City to help trainers make the most of their time in the mall. Around 20 Pokéstops and 2 Pokéstop gyms in Harbour City will be flagged with stickers to help trainers attract more Pokémons to the location by ‘Lure Modules’.

Golduck 高超鴨 Pinsir 鉗刀甲蟲

I stayed at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel during my last two nights in Hong Kong and wandered around Harbour City quite a bit as the hotel is located within the mall. It was also when I got to catch the most Pokemons due to the large amount of Pokestops and gyms within the mega mall. Best of all, the hunting can all take place in the comfort of air-conditioning within the mall! If you are headed to Hong Kong to hunt Pokemons, make sure you visit Harbour City.


Be sure to keep a look out for these Hong Kong exclusive Pokémon characters named after iconic Hong Kong celebrities:

HITMONCHAN is said to possess the spirit of a boxer who had been working towards a world championship. This POKéMON has an indomitable spirit and will never give up in the face of adversity.
HITMONLEE possesses a considerable sense of balance, enabling it to kick in succession from any position. When kicking, the sole of its foot turns as hard as a diamond on impact.

Farfetch’d is an avian Pokémon that bears resemblance to a duck. It is brown in color; contrasted with a yellow bill and white underbelly. The wings of a Farfetch’d show a dexterous quality, as they are equally adapted to manipulate objects much like hands in addition of being used for flight.

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Have fun hunting Pokemons if you are visiting Hong Kong!

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