[GIVEAWAY] I found the best lightweight, maximum storage cabin bag ever - Cabinzero - Alvinology

[GIVEAWAY] I found the best lightweight, maximum storage cabin bag ever – Cabinzero

I have been searching for the perfect cabin bag for travel for some time and finally found one recently – Cabinzero. As I fly frequently for both work and leisure, sometimes making short trips without check-in luggage to avoid the hassle, I wanted something lightweight, easy-to-carry, tough, durable and yet somewhat attractive in design. Ideally, something minimalist and functional.

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Designed in the UK, Cabinzero is a line of bag, built especially for what frequent fliers need. The bag weighs less than 800g with a MASSIVE volume of 44 litres. How big is that?


I can pack 2 x laptops; 2 x cameras with 3 lenses; 3 set of cloths; a pair of shoes; an iPad; 2 x Kindle; a whole bunch of chargers, power banks and power adaptors; and yet there is still space for more stuff!

It is a very nice alternative to the cabin trolley case for those who prefer a easier to carry and more accessible backpack like me. It would be too troublesome to load my cameras and gadgets into a trolley case as I would need to keep taking them in and out constantly. A Cabinzero bag is perfect for this.


Most important of all – Cabinzero bag complies with majority of airlines maximum hand luggage dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm, including the more anal budget airlines like easyJet, Ryanair, Lufthansa and AirAsia. In a way, the price of a Cabinzero bag pays for itself after one trip with savings made on excess baggage charges.

I currently have 3 x Canbinzero bags. Two of the Classic designs in red and turquoise for use when traveling with the family and a vintage design for individual travels. I got them in October and has since brought the Cabinzero bags to China, Japan and three staycations in Singapore. Love the bags!

Our Cabinzero bags on a staycation in Singapore
Our Cabinzero bags on a staycation in Singapore
On another staycation
On another staycation
Packed and ready to fly off to Japan
Packed and ready to fly off to Japan

The difference between the classic and vintage design is that the latter has a layer of dark padding at the bottom of the bag which has anti-slip property and also won’t get dirty as easily if you constantly place it on the ground.


If you get your Cabinzero bag from an authorised retailer in Singapore, you get a 10 years guarantee plus a built-in luggage tracker, powered by Okoban for each bag.

Here’s where to get your Cabinzero bags in Singapore.

The classic design retails at S$89 a piece while the vintage design retails at S$99 a piece. There is a brand new military design which retails at S$129 a piece. Maybe I should get one of that too because I am such a convert of the brand now!




  1. Cabinzero bag! Light, practical, and well detailed. Its my new travel companion for low-cost flights. Very useful to wander around. Finally I found that thing I was looking for so long time.

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