What are Singaporean men insecure about? - Alvinology

What are Singaporean men insecure about?

Having fears and insecurities in life is completely normal. You may think your problems and fears are unique, especially when they’re pressing down on you. Social media has made Singaporeans more aware of other people’s lives, and can add to the anxiety about your own life.

A local Singaporean man on Reddit admitted to several insecurities and fears, saying, “I grew up with a ton of insecurities about being fat, being minority race, my high pitched voice, my lisp, my weird accent, etc, and it’s something i spend a lot of time everyday dealing with.”

His foremost insecurity was his physical appearance, and he asked other Singaporean men on Reddit what their own fears were, perhaps in a bid for empathy and sharing burdens. Here are some of their answers.

Financial security

What are Singaporean men insecure about? - Alvinology

The top answer in the thread concerned money. These two top comments expressed fears about not making enough to support a family. Another said that the numbers game that he is playing and job hunting is quite distressing and brutal. Do you think the same?

Being the poorest in a circle of friends

What are Singaporean men insecure about? - Alvinology

While tied to the top comment, this one specifically highlights the fears and insecurity of people who have the least resources in a group of people. Some people don’t mind having less than other people do, but it could be a struggle for others. Still, this is an insecurity that many Singaporean men feel.

Not looking like a Korean

What are Singaporean men insecure about? - Alvinology

Thanks to the phenomenon that is Korean pop music or Kpop, Singaporean girls want a boyfriend that looks just as pretty as their idols. This commenter said that a lot of women want their boyfriends to be tall and lanky. Another post on the same thread said that Singaporean women he knew prefer men without facial hair.

Being 1.6 meters tall or less

What are Singaporean men insecure about? - Alvinology

In connection with the post above, Singaporean women seem to prefer taller men, and some of the shorter Singaporean heterosexual males can feel the judgement. Some of them complain about how they always have to have their pants altered to fit them correctly. Others also say that when they stand beside their female colleagues in heels, they prefer to sit.

Other commenters also mentioned that height jokes are quite common.


What are Singaporean men insecure about? - Alvinology

But of course, men are also insecure about their pimples. This commenter said that women have it easier since wearing makeup is acceptable to cover their pimples and dark marks, but men would get frowned on when they put on makeup.

Other people who answered about this insecurity said that men should not be ashamed of using makeup and instead enroll in a class to learn how to use it effectively.

Just like any other population (except extremely rich attractive models), Singaporean men have the same insecurities and fears as other people. From the presence of facial hair to the ever-present fear of not being able to survive in this day and age, local men have their hands full.

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