Apparently, the whole Carrie Wong and Ian Fang leaked texts saga isn’t over, thanks to people apologizing and Xiaxue posting a fresh batch of photos with slightly different text messages–and Carrie is the one hit the hardest.

Read about Carrie Wong and Ian Fang’s saucy texts to each other over Instagram.

But in case you missed it, the kerfuffle started when someone posted a video of a person scrolling through Instagram messages, with the owner of the phone allegedly Carrie Wong and the person she was talking to: fellow actor Ian Fang. The texts’ topics ranged from the two of them missing each other (but in secret) as well as Carrie’s disdain for her co-star, Lawrence Ong. Lawrence is set to replace Aloysius Pang in the upcoming Channel 8 drama My One in a Million.

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Lawrence takes the high road

Despite Carrie and Ian basically saying in the leaked texts that Lawrence has to measure up to them without his looks, luck, or connections, Lawrence never went down to their level. He did, however, refer to some “naysayers” in his Instagram post. Take a look at his Instagram post below:

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an excerpt from my latest cover story interview with @8dayssg: . “I’m proud of my whole journey as an actor. To put it bluntly, I started off at the lowest level. I had no backing from a rich company. The TV station didn’t want to sign me. I didn’t come from a competition and was immediately given substantial roles. I really started from the lowest point. Back then I could barely survive and I had to do hosting gigs which I’m not good at. I hated hosting but I had to do it to survive. I stumbled here and there and I honed my craft slowly bit by bit. I made a lot of sacrifices. I ate a lot of shit to slowly become who I am today. So I don’t think it’s just about going to China. I think my whole process, if I dare say, is a good lesson for everyone. No one wanted me. I was really at the bottom.” . during the interview, i didn’t realize i gave the perfect answer to all the naysayers who think that my achievements are due to “good looks”, “connections” or just simply “luck”. #LWmediacoverage

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Very subtle and classy.

Carrie Wong apologizes

Carrie and Ian have reported the leak to the police, especially after Xiaxue had once again posted another video showing some texts between Carrie and a Gabriel Wong. There was no mention about Lawrence in these new WhatsApp messages, but the content was decidedly more intimate, thanks to the conversations being about Boris Lin, her apparent boyfriend.

She apologized to Lawrence for the shade thrown, and clearly acknowledged that the actor was the “bigger person.” Some netizens have speculated that the source of the leaks could have been someone who picked up Carrie’s phone, or is one person close to Carrie who leaked the messages.

She asked Xiaxue to take down the latter’s Instagram stories but has mentioned that the first set of images leaked were genuine conversations. She also thanked her boyfriend for trusting her. She apologized for the impropriety of the messages along with Ian Fang.