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Jacqueline Wong Sum-Wing and Andy Hui break their silence on the car video scandal

In the wake of the cheating scandal involving Jacqueline Wong Sum-Wing and Andy Hui, people have been waiting for any sign that the people involved had something to say for themselves, especially since one of the parties involved was a married man.

A video was leaked which showed 30-year-old Jacqueline and 51-year-old Andy making out in a car, wearing clothes that were previously seen on them while at a party. Jacqueline has been dating Kenneth Ma while Andy is husband to Canto-pop Queen Sammi Cheng.

Who is Jacqueline Wong? Here’s what you should know about the woman involved in a scandal with Andy Hui.

On April 17, a report from Chinese website featured Jacqueline’s side, with regards to how her partner, Kenneth Ma is doing. While she did not address her part in the scandal, she instead focused on how a perceived injured party in the issue is doing.

Jacqueline Wong breaks her silence

According to the website, Jacqueline said, “A lot of reporters confronted me. I want to settle it. I will deal with it and discuss it with the company and colleagues. In the evening, I am very reluctant to reconcile myself. I regret that I regret it. I know that I am guilty of making a big mistake. I am apologetic to the people who are implicated, especially the parents and family, the company, and the Kenneth. I’m still a ball of emotions. The company feels that I should take a break.”

She also revealed how Kenneth is feeling, “He’s doing well. Please do not worry for him. Kenneth will continue filming. This evening, he will be filming an outdoor scene for The Exorcist’s Metre” Jacqueline may have stepped out to clear the air, but she has disabled comments on her social media.”

Andy Hui apologizes to Sammi Cheng, his friends, and family

While Jacqueline and Kenneth may not appear to be having a turbulent relationship despite the scandal, 51-year-old actor Andy Hui is struggling to make amends and apologize to his wife and fans for his indiscretion.

On April 16, he addressed the issue in a press conference, where he apologized to his wife, Sammi Cheng. His apology goes thusly:

Firstly, at today’s press conference, I want to personally give my sincere apologies. To my family, Sammi’s family, and all those who love her, I am profoundly sorry. I made an irredeemable mistake, and for this mistake I am deeply apologetic.

I am an artiste, so today I am here to accept full responsibility. That night I drank too much but I know that is not an excuse. I did something that I truly regret and now I can’t look at myself, or accept myself.

After reading the reports, I feel very shameful, very wrong, very hateful, very disgusting, very alien. I have seriously thought about what I did, why couldn’t I control myself and had to make this mistake.

To be responsible for what I did, firstly, I will stop all work I have at hand until I find the right version of myself, and to go on the right path again. Secondly, because of my mistake and my actions, I have caused all those who love me to suffer. I hope in the future, all those who have been hurt, can be well.

The reports have made me realise that that the biggest problem is that I lost myself. Lastly, I want to tell all those who love me that I am sorry. I have embarrassed them. I am sorry, Sammi. I don’t know what will happen next, I have no soul now, I am a damaged person.

I hope everyone will give me more time to find myself again. To end off, I want to say sorry to all my friends.

He also posted on his Instagram account.


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這是一件不可能被原諒的錯事,我不敢奢求原諒,因為我也沒有辦法可以原諒我自己。我只可以深切反省,並以最誠懇的態度,去為所有因爲這次事件而受影響的人,去說一聲,我真的做錯了,難辭其咎,對不起! 我沒有任何籍口,犯下了如此嚴重的行為,令到我的家人、朋友及所有愛我的人徹底失望,我感到非常遺憾和歉咎。我亦願意承擔由這次事件所引起的一切後果和責任。 最後作為一個丈夫,我要向Sammi說對不起,這是一個徹頭徹尾的錯誤,我感到慚愧及痛心。請大家給予時間和空間我去學習怎樣去改過及重新去做一個人。

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Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui’s wife whom he mentioned in his apology above, has changed her social media profile photos to a simple black color.



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