Carousell guy sold 40 Avengers: Endgame tickets because his friends "couldn't make it" - Alvinology

Carousell guy sold 40 Avengers: Endgame tickets because his friends “couldn’t make it”

A Carousell account under the name of sportsbucket_sg said that he ordered 40 tickets to Avengers: Endgame with various time slots after 2:00pm on opening day, but that his “friends” sadly were unable to come with him so he was selling them all.

For up to $600 a pair.

Standard tickets usually fall below $70 each.

Such a great friend, why did 40 of them ditch him?

sportsbucket_sg sold the ordinary tickets for $120 a pair while the weekend Gold Class VIVO tickets he sold for $300 on weekdays to $600 on weekend schedules.

He must be such a good friend to the 40 people he booked those tickets for–and his friends are probably the worst people for not paying him for the tickets and ditching him to watch all of them alone. Our eyes are rolling so fast they aren’t even moving anymore.

According to the listing, all the tickets were for Golden Village in VIVO and Plaza Singapura, in different classes. The seller also said that the seats were usually in the middle.

Carousell guy sold 40 Avengers: Endgame tickets because his friends "couldn't make it" - Alvinology

The tickets were allegedly all sold within the day, with half going to an Australian ex-patriate, while the rest were scooped up by “willing buyers” since the person in question was a “willing seller.”

At some point, the seller also had to address the messages he had been receiving, asking the people who were messaging him to stop sending hate.

Carousell guy sold 40 Avengers: Endgame tickets because his friends "couldn't make it" - Alvinology

Looks like getting tickets for Avengers: Endgame is going to be a nightmare

With cinema sites selling tickets and slots to showings for the much-awaited Avengers: Endgame movie crashing, we’re sure you’ve started making plans with your friends and family on where and when to watch the culmination of Marvel’s Phase 3.

According to reports, long queues had formed even in actual cinemas, when the movie finally came up for ticket sales starting on April 10, Wednesday. Cinema ticketing sites Golden Village, Shaw Theatres, Cathay Cineplexes, and Filmgarde Cineplexes were reportedly experiencing intense traffic, that the apps and websites had subsequently crashed, and even if users were able to get in and book, the sites were so slow that a lot of them failed in the process anyway.

A representative from Golden Village said, “With the overwhelming demand for tickets to Avengers: Endgame, our website experienced extremely high traffic and customers had to wait longer than usual to purchase their tickets.”

The other websites reportedly didn’t even let people onto the homepage, while other websites opted to give users a queue number.

Other users online have even sold the tickets as high as $888, much to the chagrin of moviegoers who were not able to get seats for opening day. Some people were very keen to go see the movie on the day it opens so as to avoid spoilers

Anti-scalping measures in place

This isn’t the first time people have seen tickets to a show or an event sold exorbitantly online. Ed Sheeran’s concert last year saw tickets going for as high as $13,000, which prompted the promoting agencies and companies to cancel the tickets, and only honor certain bookings that came from their official website.

What do you think of this ticket seller? Or of the 40 friends who ditched him? Tell us in the comments.

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