Talk Cocksters

(From L to R: Alvin, James, Run Tien, Mr Brown) Photo taken from

I recorded a talkshow vodcast yesterday with Singapore’s ‘blogfather’, Mr Brown; webmaster of Tomorrow.SG, James Seng; and Zaobao journalist, Run Tien.

I was the moderator for the discussion, and the motion was “Can Netizens talk cock on the Internet?”

Damn nervous lah… my first timing recording vodcast lor. Although I have done video production work before, I am usually the one BEHIND the camera, not the one ON CAMERA. Some more I was the most junior guy and was expected to ‘moderate’ the talk cock session by the expert talk cocksters!

It was a fun experience though, and I thought the three panelists were really candid with their responses.

Click HERE to watch the full vodcasts and read the full article on MyPaper.SG. Shun say too much ’cause it’s better for you guys to watch it yourselves. 🙂

Oh, and feel free to drop me a comment if you have any opinion to share on the topic.

Yours Sincerely,

Alvin Lim

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