MILO Protein Granola – the latest addition to the Nestlé Breakfast Cereals family – is the first Nestlé Granola that contains a higher protein content than regular granola and provides one with the energy to go further throughout the day.

Today, there is a growing pool of aspiring sports enthusiasts, beyond serious bodybuilders and gym-goers, who are looking for a hint of sports nutrition. Nestlé Breakfast Cereals has formulated a new recipe in MILO Protein Granola, which boasts of 40% more protein derived from soy and 25% less sugar than the regular granola, wrapped up in awesome MILO taste.

MILO Protein Granola

The new MILO Protein Granola is claimed to be made with the finest ingredients and contains protein derived from soy and is fortified with iron which is needed for myoglobulin production that helps to supply oxygen to muscles.

Loaded with 47% whole grain rolled oats and wheat bunches, the cereal provides an added crunch with every bite. The product gives you fibre, iron and calcium goodness for the first important meal of the day, not forgetting including the energy to last one through the day. MILO also assured consumers that the product is Halal-certified.

MILO Protein Granola is now available in Singapore at a recommended retail price of $6.25 for a 300g box. Consumers can get their hands on the new product at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets including Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, Giant, FairPrice outlets as well as selected e-Retailers across Singapore.

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