[Review] One Night Only – Kenny G Live in Singapore 2018 - Alvinology

[Review] One Night Only – Kenny G Live in Singapore 2018

After a career spanning more than three decades to date, Kenny G, the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era and one of the best-selling artists of all time, with global sales totalling more than 75 million records, still can rock the stage with nothing more than a saxophone, together with his accompanying musicians.

This is the man who made playing a saxophone sexy and charmed many fans with his music and signature long, golden curls from thirty years ago and continue to do so today. His flowing locks are still there, as is his superb showmanship and technical skills.

[Review] One Night Only – Kenny G Live in Singapore 2018 - Alvinology

At his one night only concert at The Star Theatre at Star Vista in Singapore, Kenny G serenaded the audience with a set consisting of his hit classics like “The Moment”, mixed with instrumental covers of all-time favourite tunes like “The Moon Represents My Heart (Teresa Teng)” and “My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion)”.

The renditions on his saxophones were perfect as his mesmerised his thousands of fans at the theatre who were completely blown away with familiar and new tunes from the accomplished musician with his equally accomplished crew. Each of his crew members got a short solo segment to show off their technical prowess. I can’t play musical instruments, but even from the eyes and ears of a layman, these guys were rock solid with their technical skills and in entertaining a live audience, judging from the thunderous applause each of the them received! These guys have been accompanying Kenny Go for more than 30 years and they just keep getting better over the years.

The One Night Only – Kenny G Live in Singapore concert was brought in here by CK Star Entertainment, an entertainment company which has been in business since 2001. Formerly known as “Mikie Star Entertainment”, they have been bringing various performances from Asian talents to entertain fans in Indonesia. Now, with a passionate and tech-savvy team, CK Star Entertainment has a vision to expand its track record in bringing high quality concerts to Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

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