We’ve all had bad days on the MRT, which may include train delays, rowdy children in the car and even the odd occurrence here in there. But one passenger had a particularly bad commute thanks to this horrid woman, and Singaporean netizens were there for her.

In a report by STOMP, someone submitted a video of a woman on a tirade while standing in the MRT. The incident allegedly happened on February 21 at around 7:00 PM.

Watch the video below:

According to reports, the altercation happened when the woman in the video began berating a passenger for allegedly  dropping a mobile phone on the firmer’s leg. From the woman’s reaction and anger, the phone must have been quite heavy. Or her leg was quite weak. The report said that the phone was dropped accidentally.

Another passenger started taking a video of the encounter, which was mostly a frightening rant by the “aggrieved party.”

What stood out the most was when the loud woman asked for compensation for the incident. Throughout the whole exchange, she made it a point to say that she needed to be paid for the pain that occurred because of the accident.

STOMP helpfully compiled the crazed rant that came from this altercation:

  • “If I have medical expenses, you pay for my medical bill ok?”
  • [To the person taking the video] “And you shut up leh, you not even involved there, what witness are you? False witness ah?”
  • “That day in Serangoon MRT, a woman hit me until my leg was bandaged for three months, I have $500 bill, you know?”
  • “Now I don’t care. You give me your ID and you pay for my medical expenses ok?”
  • “Your handphone hit me and I don’t raise my voice ah?”
  • “You use your handphone hit her leg. [To the person taking the video] Remove your shoes, hit on your leg, I see how you react.”
  • “Even if it’s an accident on the road ah, a car hit accidentally, also have to pay insurance.”
  • “My leg is suddenly pain down there, you know?”
  • [To the person taking the video] “And you get up immediately there and shut up there ah you.”

The rant allegedly continued even when the passenger who hurt her had left the train, as if the woman was shaming everyone around her. She also mentioned that she would let the authorities know of this incident, and insisting that she should have been able to get the person’s ID.

Netizens are united

While we sure know Singaporeans would have an opinion, we were pleasantly surprised that they were in a consensus over the behaviour of this woman:

Here is one comment about females being horrid to fellow females.

Some were pretty harsh, but it wasn’t for someone totally undeserving.

Here’s a guy who knows how to create a cool moment.

While others speculated that the phone shouldn’t have fallen on her in the first place. Also, we’ve had our phones land on our faces and we didn’t need any medical attention.

Someone pointed out that what the woman did is more embarrassing to her own person than anyone else.