Savourworld is a new food concept that celebrates all types of food. With 17 restaurants now, they offer all types of cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, French and more. They pride themselves on offering different gourmet food at affordable prices.

They curate each and every store to ensure that each restaurant is unique and one of a kind. If necessary, they even tweak restaurant menus.

Situated in the middle of office buildings, it is a new lunch and dinner place for office workers and families alike.

They also have a courtyard area which is packed during lunch. You will be sheltered by the large umbrellas that still allow cool winds to blow through. To avoid the working crowd, try coming during tea or dinner time. Do note that not all stores are open during odd hours.

Wildfire Chicken and Burgers‘ beef burger, The Classic, uses a homemade patty, making it juicy and chunky. Priced at S$10, you get a burger that you definitely know uses a ‘real’ patty, not an over-processed one. You can get a side of fries for an additional S$2.

My favourite dish was the Fried Battered Fish Taco (S$5 per taco) from Spruce. Unlike the Spruce at Bukit Timah, this branch serves Mexican cuisine.

I find that most tacos are difficult to eat as the sauce seeps through, the ingredients go everywhere and the taco falls apart. This taco was none of those. It was easy and neat to eat thanks to its firm wrap. You can even eat it with a fork and knife, although eating it with your hands is tastier.

The fish was more flavourful than most, with a tender chicken-like texture. The sour and spice from the sauces gave it a different taste.

I also tried the Pulled Beef Brisket Taco (S$5.50 per taco) which was slightly spicier. You normally see pulled pork so it was interesting to try a pulled beef brisket.

The Butcher’s Cut quinoa salad from Modus is priced at S$15 for a large portion. Many restaurants that sell salads give a small plate or go easy on the grains, but Modus was generous with the quinoa. The beef was perfectly cooked and the cold salad went well with the piping hot quinoa.

Wildfire Chicken and Burgers also sells cocktails in 90ml bottles at S$16 for easier consumption. Their drinks are made with fresh ingredients and you don’t see the mint in the Mojito because they are blended for a stronger taste.

It is a prime spot for work and play as the restaurants sell food at reasonable prices and play great music that is heard throughout the courtyard. Many office workers enjoy going to Savourworld for casual meetings thanks to the cozy outdoor area. Youngsters go there and make full use of the happy hour promotions with the wonderful ambience. Families love it too as there is a wide open space for children to play at.

Savourworld is open daily from 11am to 10pm. It is located at 2 Science Park Drive Singapore 118222. They are a short walk from Kent Ridge MRT, Exit B. You can find out more on their website.

Photos by Carissa Wong. Header image by Savourworld.