Limited lunch break time but still has to go on a queue for your favourite chicken meal? honestbee has just right the solution for that by introducing its newest service called TAKEAWAY.

TAKEAWAY allows customers to skip queues by ordering ahead of time on the honestbee app and picking up their food at the restaurant at their convenience. There’s a wide F&B option across that app including Eighteen Chefs, Song Fa Bak Kut The, and Dian Xiao Er. This new service also opens doors to more merchant partners making it a convenient platform for both buyers and sellers alike.

Moreover, beyond enjoying the added convenience and waiving of delivery fees, customers can also enjoy up to 20% discounts off their food bill.

Victor Chow, Senior Vice President, Head of Commercial, of honestbee said, “We want to give our customers options so they can decide what works best for them and most importantly, help them save time.”

How to Use

To use TAKEAWAY, simply open the honestbee app, click on the TAKEAWAY tab, select from the merchants available and choose a time slot for pickup. A notification will be sent once the food is ready for collection. Present the order number provided by the app to the merchant, collect your food, and takeaway.

TAKEAWAY service has already launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, and will roll out in the other honestbee markets after such as Japan and Indonesia.