This year is the Year of the Pig and pork dishes are the favourites in town this Chinese New Year (CNY). Ribs specialty restaurant Morganfield’s has come up with their own 8 Treasures Pork Belly to add to the offering and just the look of it will leave you salivating:

Following a bakkwa lohei from Bee Cheng Hiang, why not have a porky main from Morganfield’s for a complete meal?

While Morganfield’s may not be a Chinese restaurant, their 8 Treasures Pork Belly is an interesting east meet west fusion of flavours. The culinary team at Morganfield’s have taken their signature roast pork belly, famous for its cracking golden skin and stuffed it full of CNY goodies. Each pork belly is stuffed with ‘8 auspicious treasures’ – glutinous rice, chestnuts, wolf berries, gingko nuts, pistachio nuts, red dates, mushrooms and of
course lap cheong. The creation is then slow-roasted till the delicious juices from the pork absorb into the rice.

We tried it and love it!

Do consume the dish early when it is delivered fresh though, or the skin will get too sticky and tough when it’s cooled.

Morganfield’s 8 Treasures Pork Belly would be a delightful departure from the usual CNY fares and bound to surprise your family and friends with it’s winsome flavours. The dish is available in-store from now till 31 March 2019. Delivery is available from now till 19 February 2019.

You can order the 8 Treasures Pork Belly as a whole for the whole table to enjoy or
as part of our Abundance Platter. This platter lets you enjoy a taste of everything
with 8 items: slices of 8 Treasure Pork Belly, Baby Back Ribs in the sauce of your
choice, Candied Bacon, Bacon Wrapped Meatballs, Roasted Pumpkin, French Fries,
Garden Vegetables and Grilled Corn.

If you’re hankering for more porky CNY goodies, add on Morganfield’s singature Candied Bacon – golden mahogany and salty-sweet strips of porky candy. Possibly the best bakkwa that’s not bakkwa!

Delivering Joy & Abundance (Dine In & Delivery)

Dine in is available from 1 February 2019 to 31 March 2019.
Delivery is available from 1 February 2019 to 19 February 2019.

Orders to be made at least one day in advance for delivery, unless otherwise stated.
Make your order via

Delivery charge of $25 per location. Free delivery for orders above $300+.

Abundance Platter
$108.80++ (Serves 4 pax)

2 Slices of 8 Treasures Pork Belly
Baby Back Rib (Full Slab)
Candied Bacon (6 pcs)
Pork Belly Burnt Ends (5 pcs)
Pumpkin Wedges
Grilled Corn
French Fries
Garden Veggies

8 Treasures Pork Belly
$138.80++ (Serves 8 pax)

A luscious stuffing of 8 auspicious treasures; glutinous rice, chestnuts, wolf berries, gingko nuts, pistachio nuts, red dates, mushrooms and lap cheong, wrapped in juicy tender pork belly crowned with a shatteringly crispy golden skin.
(4kg pre-cooked)

Crispy Golden Ingots

Golden chunks of crispy and tender roast pork belly, served with Honey Mustard.

Candied Bacon
$26.80+ (20 pcs) / $48.80+ (40 pcs)

Sweet, smokey and sharable delicious bacon – an alternative to the traditional bakkwa. Also available for takeaway as a gift during Chinese New Year visiting.