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[PROMO] TPG offers $10 no-contract mobile plan with 50GB data, 300 minutes local calls, and 30 local SMS

TPG Telecom is launching its first commercial mobile plan for the Singapore market.

The TPG “50GB for $10” plan is now available at just $10 per month for its no-contract SIM Only plan. By offering this plan, TPG is lowering the barriers of entry by setting a new entry point for users.

The TPG Prepaid Plan offering the same simplicity will be launched at a later date.

Competitive excess charges for TPG 50GB SIM Only Plan, just $1 per extra GB For SIM Only customers, the subscription is valid for 30 days and is automatically renewed.

Customers do not have to worry about bill shocks as the extra charges are deducted from a user-defined limit. Excess data is charged at $1 per extra GB which is just a fraction of the typical $10 per extra GB charged by the industry.

Registration and Collection

Customers can register for the TPG 50GB SIM Only plan on TPG’s website.

Upon successful registration, they can immediately visit any of TPG’s designated collection centres to collect their SIM card. Visit here for the full list of distribution outlets.

The TPG network supports specific VoLTE devices for high-definition mobile voice calling. To support customers who are using non-VoLTE compatible handsets, TPG has created an easy-to-use TPG 4G Voice app to allow customers to make and receive calls, which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

With this new commercial launch, new subscriptions to the free service trial will end immediately but users who are still in the free trial period will continue to enjoy the free service until their plans expire.

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