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Tech Essentials You Need Before 2019

As 2018 draws to a swift end, reviewing the year through a technological lens proves that modern tech has come along further than we could have ever expected. From wireless virtual reality headsets to incredibly intelligent smart watches, 2018 technological advances make life easier and more interesting with every innovative gadget. Before the year turns into 2019, make sure you’re suited up with 2018’s hottest tech essentials!

The Huawei Honor Play

Tech Essentials You Need Before 2019 - Alvinology

With a design reminiscent of the iPhone X, the Huawei Honor Play brings a lot more to the table than it’s Apple alternative. As the first smartphone with a built-in GPU turbo, the Honor Play is the ultimate phone for the dedicated mobile gamer. Manufactured by Huawei, the GPU turbo enhances this phone’s efficiency by 60% while working overtime to conserve the most battery. Specifically engineered to target gamers, this incredibly smart phone handles 4D gaming, 3D surround sound with ease. Running the latest Android operating system and a 64 GB internal memory capacity, this phone goes the extra mile for the people constantly glued to their phones. And with a battery life longer than the iPhone X, this device packs a game-changing punch.

Razer’s Gaming Mice

Any proper gamer knows that no computer setup is complete without a brainy gaming mouse. It’s the little things that count most, so the many tweaks and options offered by Lancehead’s line of gaming mice provide the best ergonomics to level up your playing experience. Precision and accuracy are key, and the Razer Mamba delivers. Scale your computer screen with the world’s most precise DPI sensor while you plot your way to victory. Whether you’re gearing up to play Fortnite or one of your favorite free battle royale games, having complete control is made more comfortable with the contours and curves of an intuitive Razer mouse.

Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer

2018 was surprising in many ways, and who could have known what to expect from a cutting-edge appliance manufacturer. Known for engineering top of the line vacuums and bladeless fans, Dyson changed the hair drying game with their first nozzle-less hair dryer. The Supersonic hair dryer is the first in its class to enable extremely fast drying without any extreme heat. Easily maneuver this lightweight dryer without any aching arm pain. Despite its incredibly atypical design, this dryer performs above and beyond user expectation. While it does carry a hefty price tag, you’ll never buy another hair dryer after this one. Say goodbye to heat damage, and hello to better hair days.

A Wi-Fi Enabled DSLR Camera

Tech Essentials You Need Before 2019 - Alvinology

Camera technology has not been forgotten in 2018 and has only proved that the advancement opportunities are endless. Point-and-shoot cameras have fallen out of favor to make place for larger DSLR cameras capable of connecting to Wi-Fi. These smart cameras make transferring high-quality photos from your camera screen to your devices easier than ever. Document your trips with higher pixels than a smartphone can offer, and upload to Instagram in seconds with completely wireless transferring.

Fitbit Versa

Whether you’re into fitness or not, the advanced technology built in the Fitbit Versa makes it a standout hit in the smart watch department. From fitness tracking to text messaging, the Fitbit Versa is the Android user’s answer to the Apple Watch. Capable of storing your most frequented apps and your favorite songs, the Versa brings unparalleled intelligence to your wrist and to your lifestyle. Great for families, athletes, casual gym-goers, and working professionals alike, the Versa adapts to any and every lifestyle.

A Portable Drone

Small, powerful, and sophisticated, drones have become the hottest tech in the 4K camera quality market. Soar higher than ever before with a portable flying camera drone. Engineered to capture video and photographs at incredible speed and quality, a portable drone is a tech essential for any fan of extreme photography. Get the best of the best with the DJI Mavic Pro Collapsible Quadcopter Drone. With a max flight time up to 30 minutes and a full 1080p short range video capacity, this drone is the best in its class. Fly higher, further, and with no lag or bumps!

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