How do you motivate a whole family to keep fit together? Sign everyone for the seasonal National Step Challenge by the Health Promotion Board or just get everybody on to an evergreen Fitbit Family Account!

Either way, you would need everyone in the family to own and wear a fitness tracking device and Fitbit has a full range of fitness tracking products to suit the need of just about everyone – from the slim, sleek and light Fitbit Alta for those who are more fashion conscious to the waterproof and light-weight Fitbit Flex 2 for swimmers to the Fitbit Ace for children to the flagship Fitbit Versa.

I used to wear the Alta and alternate it with the Flex 2 when I go for a swim. Currently, I am using the Versa while my son, Asher, 7, is using the Ace. My dad uses a Fitbit Blaze and my mum uses the Alta. I created a Fitbit Family Account for the whole Lim family to keep track of everyone’s health and fitness.

My parents are both retirees and it’s important to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle for a better and longer lives. For Asher, I am happy that he is keeping fit from a young age, joining me every weekend for my routine runs or swims.

With our individual tracker, it ignites the competitive spirit in each of us, especially Asher who will deliberately make an effort to ensure he clocks at least 10,000 steps a day after I shared with him that this was my daily target. His aim is to clock more steps than me everyday and he would also check on his grandparents to egg them on to reach 10,000 steps a day.

The Fitbit Ace which Asher sports is Fitbit’s latest, and the first-ever fitness wearable for kids. The Fitbit Versa I am wearing is the brand’s top smartwatch and was launched earlier this year.

The Fitbit Ace comes in two vibrant colours – power purple and electric blue:

Each charge gives it a maximum battery life of up to 5 days. Asher typically depletes his battery in about 3 days. The Fitbit Ace is able to track steps, active minutes and sleep to foster healthy habits. It prompts with personalised reminders to move, making it more fun for the little ones and motivates them with daily or weekend challenges and collectible badge rewards.

Best of all, the entire family is now engaged where parents can view your kids’ activity seamlessly, creating a shared family experience on the Family App.

The Fitbit Versa I am wearing on the other hand, is Fitbit’s lightest, most intuitive smartwatch. It is all-encompassing:

  • A personal trainer on your wrist: the On-Screen Workouts feature gives you personalised on-screen guidance for your workouts and adapting based on your movements patterns. I personally love the relaxation features.

  • Now you can swim: The Versa is water resistant to 50 meters and it tracks your laps as well.

  • Forget the wallet: With a built-in NFC chip that stores your credit and debit card details, it’s like wearing a wallet on your wrist!
  • Customise it to fit your life(style): Add your favourite apps for fitness, sports, news, travel, transit and more, and customise your clockface from the huge database available – my personal favourite is the one with the Tamagotchi interface.

  • Tracking that’s absolutely hands-free: Telling your tracker that you’re working out or sleeping really should be a thing of the past. Fitbit knows when you start an activity or end the day and automatically tracks it for you to give you unparalleled information about your health and lifestyle in the most seamless way possible

  • And… Female health tracking

Yes the last attribute is not relevant for me, but for female users, the Versa has a female health tracking feature. What makes this piece of software so special is that it tallies physiological data collected from your level of activity throughout the day, movements in your heart rate and the data and pairs it with user inputs to create a predictive computation for your cycle – and you get to view all this from a glance at your wrist.

From the Fitbit Ace tailored for the little ones to the Female health tracking feature in the Fitbit Versa, Fitbit leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing a holistic health and fitness monitoring experience for everyone in the family.

Fitbit is first and foremost a software company, and the more data it tracks, the better it gets at tracking lifestyles… It currently has over 5 billion nights worth of Fitbit sleep data, over 48 million runs, and over 159 million sports tracked, and it’s only just starting out with female health tracking.

If your family is looking to embark on a health and fitness journey together, why not get started with the Fitbit Family app and the slew of Fibit products that is catered to each member of your family individually. More details are available via the official Fitbit website.

Psst… if you are looking to buy a Fitibit device, now is the best time as the global 11.11 Singles Day Sale is just round the corner and Fitbit is running a special promotion together with online retail giant, Lazada:

Happy shopping!