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The Great Moscow Circus is here in Singapore and it’s all human performers

THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS is now in Singapore and we went to catch their opening night performance on 26 October.

Unlike the Great Moscow Circus of the past whereby animal performers were the main attractions, the Big Top shows are now all helmed by human performers, boasting to deliver the world’s most dangerous and death-defying acts, including the Wheel of Death and the Motorbike Sphere of Fear.

We are glad the animals are no longer a feature, given the reported cruelty they have to be put through to ready them for performances. Human performers on the other hand, chose to do this as a career and can earn fame and fortune from it.

For the first time in over 10 years, the Great Moscow Circus returns to Singapore, direct from Moscow and the circus capital of the world with over 45 performers – acrobats, clowns, jugglers, daredevils – all circus stars renowned world-wide for their theatrical flair and breath-taking talents.

Our first impression upon stepping into the no-frills, non-carpeted and unadorned circus tent: this is the raw circus experience compared to their polished French counterpart, Cirque du Soleil. After sitting down and watching the performance: It’s not 100% Muscovite, either. The acts range from Irish tap-dancing, American quick-change acts, a Canadian comic act who pretended to do magic – a mash-up of international talents.

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If you’re expecting a polished Cirque du Soleil show like Kooza from July 2017, you need to adjust your expectations, because it’s not even like Toruk from May (earlier this year). This is about as raw as it gets for a circus show – with minimal stage design, rudimentary lighting effects and abrupt music. There is no lack of talented performers though and they will keep popping in and out from behind a heavy curtain to surprise you with their assortment of tricks.

But it’s not to say that it’s not entertaining. Seven-year-old Asher thought that his favourite thing about the circus that night was the resident clown who appeared in between acts to provide comic relief. His second favourite act was the trampoline acrobats, who were the opening act that night, and his third favourite was the daredevils who ran and did acrobatic tricks within and on top of four spinning circles.

Our verdict?

Go for this if you like a wide variety of acts and a raw circus experience. Tickets are now available via SISTIC.

THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS will be performing in Singapore from 25 Oct to 25 Nov 2018 at Bayfront Avenue. 

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