Hong Kong-based influencer Harimao Lee recently posted a beautiful photo of her on board a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Rome. While this is obviously par for the course for Instagram influencers and other travel bloggers or bloggers, what made this incident different from others is how her photo (and IG story) included Christmas lights (or, how crafty people call them, fairy lights).

Take a look at her photo below:

The Instagram photo above shows her in a very comfortable cabin seat with a great view, lots of room and a glass of bubbly. Strewn across her body are the lights as she looks out the window.

She has gotten flak for the post, which some people have deemed excessive. Take a look at some online reactions to her photo:

Some were quick to criticise her.

Some pointed out she was sitting on the footrest.

Others based people who thought the photo was art.

While some got really mad that such a photo exists.

Others said that she may have no class.

Others wouldn’t stop coming for the way she sat.


Some people asked the right questions.


Others pointed out what was unethical about her post. She did tag the airline in her Instagram post, though. Would that be enough?

Some people said that the photo is wrong and is what makes social media wrong.

While others supported her. would we be seeing fairy lights all over our travel blogger and influencer feeds now?

Who is Harimao Lee?

According to her Instagram profile, she is a photographer and currently has over 100,000 followers. Based in Hong Kong, her profile shows that she travels the world and takes great photographs while she does so.

She is also an architect, according to her website, which you can view here. She says she is a freelance photographer.

The rest of her website isn’t populated with anymore information. Some of the brands she has featured on her Instagram (but has not disclosed if she was given free items, trips, or even paid for her work are Cathay Pacific and Adobe.

Take a look at some of her Instagram photos showcasing her skills:

What do you think of her fairy lights photo? Too much or YOLO? Let us know in the comments!