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Who is Karine Estelle Cheong? Former Mrs. Singapore World Runner-up in court case

This former beauty pageant contestant and her companies have been featured on numerous international magazines–which have no doubt served as inspiration for so many young women. But now, Karine Estelle Cheong and her business, Klarity, are in the news again, but not for very flattering reasons.

Alvinology takes a look at former Mrs. Singapore World Finalist Karine Estelle Cheong, and how she may have gone from hot working boss momma to woman in trouble with the law.

Young mom

According to a report by The New Paper Singapore almost three years ago, she had been studying when she got pregnant and gave birth at 18 years old. To make ends meet, she had to study marketing and public relations at Thames Business School and teach at the same time while she was pregnant. She described herself as very poor, but it was the happiest time of her life so far, she said.

The same report said that she and her husband, Ang Jumming, have two children, a 12 -year-old and a 9-year-old.


What set her apart from her other competitors at the pageant was the fact that she was also running three businesses when she joined. One of this businesses was Klarity, which, at the time, was the only hala-certified skincare brand in this part of the world.

The business was doing good at the time, because she had been featured in various magazines for its unique take on beauty.

Thanks to her Mrs. World runner-up win, the business also saw growth during those years.

According to the report, she said that, “Halal products do not involve animal testing and there are strict rules against ingredients with animal origins. Instead, they use botanical ingredients.”

While not a Muslim, she said at the time that the halal skincare brand should be for everyone, since the certifications are so stringent that it produces such a good product with high standards. Her products were also not tested on animals.

Admits to siphoning profits, but that it did not harm the company

Karine has recently figured in a law suit brought forth by four of her former business investors, who poured $300,000 into Klarity a few years ago, which allowed it to expand beyond China and Myanmar to Pakistan, Thailand, and other countries.

According to a report by The Straits Times, she had admitted to using profits from Klarity years ago to fuel her other businesses. Her investors said that she used a separate company to distribute Klarity products to other markets without her investors knowing. She had left the company in 2015, but her successors failed to appoint a replacement for her.

The losses were said to have amounted to $2.2 million.

The investors also said that the Klarity trademark was not registered under the company, but to a separate entity that is solely owned by Karine.

According to reports, though, the company is dormant and is no longer operating or earning money

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