Netflix announces Film by First Time Director René Liu, Us & Them

Netflix Inc. has announced that Us & Them from award-winning actress and first time director, René Liu will be available on the service. Us & Them started its theatrical run in China and is currently at the top of the Chinese box office chart with close to 200 million USD in 10 days making first-time director René Liu the highest-grossing female director for Chinese language films. Netflix is bringing the film to its members in over 190 countries around the world soon.

Rob Roy, Vice President, Contest (Asia) at Netflix mentioned in a statement that the film was chosen to be added due to the touching content and beauty of the film.

Us & Them started as a short story written by its multi-talented first time director René Liu, who decided to bring the story to live on screen, “We sincerely present my first film as a director to the world.”  Producer Zhang Yi Bai said: “We strive to create a great film for audience and we are more than happy for the film will be available on Netflix, it is indeed the best way to reach every corner of the globe.”

Us & Them follows the love story of Lin Jianqing (Jing Boran) and Fang Xiaoxiao (Zhou Dongyu) spanning over ten years. The two first meet and fall in love on the train back home for Chinese New Year, struggle as a couple and eventually lead to breakup.  Ten years later, they are reunited on a flight home.  The story resonates with many people and the film was a huge box office success in China. Us & Them has shattered the box office record for female directors in China.

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