In Singapore, we are no strangers to Southeast Asian flavours we enjoy regularly in our local delicacies.

At CÉ LA VI, diners will relish not just that but have their palates heightened with the rich and robust flavours put together by Chef Joseph Sergentakis.

When you are dining with an unrivalled view that overlooks the panoramic skyline of Singapore, you can be sure the gastronomic pleasure at the upscale restaurant is equally satisfying.

For World Gourmet Summit 2018, the recent Asian Cuisine Chef of The Year has masterfully created a tasting menu that is poised to pique diners’ palate and here’s why discerning diners will be waxing lyrical about its Modern Asian dining.

Savour Chef Joseph Sergentakis’ unique take on Asian delights 

Tasmanian Salmon Tartare & Amur River Caviar.

The specially curated menu surely started on a bang as we were still reeling from the exquisite taste of the first course – Tasmanian Salmon Tartare & Amur River Caviar after a night of gastronomic revelry.

It was simply a pairing made in foodie haven as the bold and sapid flavours of the caviar thoroughly satiated our palate, while complementing the lighter and equally savoury taste of the salmon tartare.

The medley of flavours didn’t end there; with an added layer of crunch from the crispy taro roots and a tinge of sweetness from the mango and lemongrass-coriander vinaigrette used in this course.

Rice Flake Crusted Tiger Prawn.

While having a variety of Asian flavours together may strike many as fusion food, it is not necessarily the case. The specially curated dishes expertly crafted by Executive Chef Joseph Sergentakis are in fact a subset of Modern Asian cuisine.

The culinary creations might be reminiscent of a myriad of ever-familiar Asian flavours; but the harmonious unison of Asian flavours and European culinary techniques in fact translate to the chef’s unique take on Asian fare, giving rise to a cuisine in its own right.

Just like this Rice Flake Crusted Tiger Prawn, it went beyond incorporating Asian flavours from the refreshing and citrusy Pomelo salad (think the salad that usually accompanies many Thai dishes) but was deemed as a Modern Asian dish on its own count.

There was also an added crunch from the rice flakes paired with a generous portion of tiger prawn, without overshadowing the umami and light taste of the seafood.

Duo of Sour-Spicy Mushroom Soup & Seared Mushroom Gyoza.

Duo of Sour-Spicy Mushroom Soup & Seared Mushroom Gyoza.

Both the Sour-Spicy Mushroom Soup and Seared Mushroom Gyoza were served alongside one another for this course. Intense flavours were palpable in this course, with the sour-spicy broth stimulating our appetite for more.

Likewise, the Sichuan chilli-glazed sauce prepared by the chef also widened our appetite with a consistent back-and-forth between the sweet taste and spiciness of the sauce. For diners who are less tolerable of spicy food, the kaffir lime would help to neutralise some parts of the spiciness.

Vegetarians can rejoice as this is a dish they can relish with the gyoza made up of mushrooms, which were also oozing with a delectable and earthy flavour.

Modern Asian dining in its own right at CÉ LA VI

Tamarind Glazed Grilled Sea Bream.

The Tamarind Glazed Grilled Sea Bream was surely a crowd-pleaser with a delectable dance between some of the freshest sea bream we have ever tasted and the zesty flavour from the use of pineapple & lime.

We lapped this up in no time for the bell pepper & onion fricassee, coupled with the use of pineapple & lime whetted our appetite further with the slightly sour and sweet taste of the amalgam.

It is little wonder that this is the best-selling item on the menu at CÉ LA VI, for we can’t see why would any foodie deny themselves of such a mouthwatering delicacy.

Braised Short Rib Beef Rendang.

Fans of our local Beef Rendang would find this a departure from the usual taste of this classic Malay dish, yet very much adore it for its novel taste.

While it was not hard to identify the distinctive taste of this Braised Short Rib Beef Rendang, this course surely set itself apart from its predecessors for it is a creation in its own right.

After working in some of the most progressive kitchens in Asia across Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia, the well-versed chef brings with himself a wealth of experience in marrying Asian flavours with contemporary European culinary techniques.

As it is with this dish, the chef puts an European twist into this modern Asian cuisine with the savoury spiced corn polenta and Javanese corn fritter, adding an intriguing facet to a local favourite.

Even the desserts speak of rich flavours without overwhelming your tastebuds

Mango Lassi Cotton Cheesecake.

Made with yogurt sorbet, caramelised almonds and pistachio crumbles, the Mango Lassi Cotton Cheesecake rounded up a sumptuous spread of gastronomic wonders on a full note.

Tantamount to the proverbial cherry on top of a cake, it served the purpose of a quintessential final touch to an almost-perfect dinner menu with its ethereal taste; smooth and light consistency.

CÉ LA VI is through and through the lavish celebration of life and an elevated epicurean experience that literally lives up to its position (at the pinnacle of Marina Bay Sands).

The Chef’s Tasting Menu for World Gourmet Summit at CÉ LA VI was available at $188++ per person (an additional $138++ for wine pairing) on 26 April 2018. 


1 Bayfront Avenue,

Marina Bay Sands Tower 3

Singapore 018971

For reservations, please call +65 6508 2188 (10am to 9pm) or visit here for more information. 

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