Is Aaron Lim Jun Jie a class disruptor or comedian? Or is he actually the voice of Singaporean youth? We’ll let you decide.

Who is Aaron?

According to his own words, he is an ITE student. He studies in Temasek Polytechnic, where in the annals of fame (or infamy), his star had first risen as a person who had no qualms disrupting classes.

Watch the video here:

In a Reddit post by someone allegedly in the same class, Aaron allegedly comes in late for class the past few days and is wont to disrupt the lecture. When asked to calm down or sit down, he becomes aggressive and talks back to the lecturer.

Reports say that he began to do some squats accompanied by rude hand gestures. Another student allegedly choked him earlier, and he wrestles with that student too.

Allegedly, as this behaviour has been going on for quite some time and disrupts everyone (even if the class finds it funny), someone from the class calls him out.

In the video showing the incident, a student in a red tank top can be seen talking to Aaron, who is wearing a yellow and black-striped shirt, which earned the latter the nickname “Bumblebee.”

The student in the singlet tells Aaron to calm down, but the latter insults the former, and a full verbal spat in front of the class begins. The student in the red tank top eventually disengages and leaves, but Aaron gets challenged to a brawl, because of the insults that are still being hurled around.

A girl chimes in, and tells Aaron to calm down.

At this point, teachers from the school come in to check the commotion, and Aaron talks back at an older teacher, who tried to talk to him as well.

Security comes into the room, and Aaron is forced to at least sit, for now, but he does so on the lecturer’s chair. The adults try to calm him down but he won’t be placated, and even starts rapping the lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s song, Humble.

The incident ends with Aaron taking his shirt off saying the whole place is hot because he is in the room. But this is after he grabs a microphone and makes a speech about his hardships getting to where he is now–an ITE student.

He seems to enjoy the fame

His Instagram LIVE videos since then have been full of monologues of mumbled Chinese and English, wherein he seems to do everything from comment on his life and roast his mother.

His followers also increased by a few thousands on Instagram since the incident happened, but he just recently put his profile in private, and has also lost almost all the followers he had gained.

What do netizens say?

Singaporeans have chimed in, and here’s what they have to say:

Some say the security guards should have dragged him out of the classroom.

Some were helpful in their comments.

While others expressed worry about him.

What do you think of Aaron? Let us know in the comments!

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