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Who is Aaron Lim Jun Jie “Bumblebee?”

Is Aaron Lim Jun Jie a class disruptor or comedian? Or is he actually the voice of Singaporean youth? We’ll let you decide.

Who is Aaron?

According to his own words, he is an ITE student. He studies in Temasek Polytechnic, where in the annals of fame (or infamy), his star had first risen as a person who had no qualms disrupting classes.

Watch the video here:

In a Reddit post by someone allegedly in the same class, Aaron allegedly comes in late for class the past few days and is wont to disrupt the lecture. When asked to calm down or sit down, he becomes aggressive and talks back to the lecturer.

Reports say that he began to do some squats accompanied by rude hand gestures. Another student allegedly choked him earlier, and he wrestles with that student too.

Allegedly, as this behaviour has been going on for quite some time and disrupts everyone (even if the class finds it funny), someone from the class calls him out.

In the video showing the incident, a student in a red tank top can be seen talking to Aaron, who is wearing a yellow and black-striped shirt, which earned the latter the nickname “Bumblebee.”

The student in the singlet tells Aaron to calm down, but the latter insults the former, and a full verbal spat in front of the class begins. The student in the red tank top eventually disengages and leaves, but Aaron gets challenged to a brawl, because of the insults that are still being hurled around.

A girl chimes in, and tells Aaron to calm down.

At this point, teachers from the school come in to check the commotion, and Aaron talks back at an older teacher, who tried to talk to him as well.

Security comes into the room, and Aaron is forced to at least sit, for now, but he does so on the lecturer’s chair. The adults try to calm him down but he won’t be placated, and even starts rapping the lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s song, Humble.

The incident ends with Aaron taking his shirt off saying the whole place is hot because he is in the room. But this is after he grabs a microphone and makes a speech about his hardships getting to where he is now–an ITE student.

He seems to enjoy the fame

His Instagram LIVE videos since then have been full of monologues of mumbled Chinese and English, wherein he seems to do everything from comment on his life and roast his mother.

His followers also increased by a few thousands on Instagram since the incident happened, but he just recently put his profile in private, and has also lost almost all the followers he had gained.

What do netizens say?

Singaporeans have chimed in, and here’s what they have to say:

Some say the security guards should have dragged him out of the classroom.

Who is Aaron Lim Jun Jie "Bumblebee?" - Alvinology

Some were helpful in their comments.

Who is Aaron Lim Jun Jie "Bumblebee?" - Alvinology

While others expressed worry about him.

Who is Aaron Lim Jun Jie "Bumblebee?" - Alvinology

What do you think of Aaron? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I use to be an ITE student yes people may look down on us because of our education level. Firstly not everyone is smart we all humans we do make mistakes no one is perfect. These students in the lecture room don’t really understand how it feels like to be an ITE student imagine everyday putting on the uniform taking public transport to school people would just glare at us as it we are villains to them. At the same time this students don’t really understand the amount of hardship we as ITE students have went through just to go to polytechnics just to study as hard as we can. After watching this video i am truly disappointed of what polytechnics has been teaching its students. Sadly all of them just laughed as if this is like a comedian drama and sadly that how society is today. After completing my national service i went to study at SP but sadly i was not able coped my studies well at the same time i have family to worried. I ended withdraw from my course and i decided to give up studies just to support my parents. It takes a difficult very decision to decided whether you will chose family or studies first.

    1. Hi,

      I wasn’t from ITE but i’d like to say 3 things from an objective point of view:

      (1) To praise you for making that hard decision to give up your studies to support your parents, it was truly brave and sensible. Not many people (ITE/non-ITE) have the self-awareness and the courage to recognise this difficulty, and make that choice.

      (2) I agree with you completely. People shouldn’t judge when they haven’t experienced it themselves. Even then, those that have had similar experiences shouldn’t be quick to judge either. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of effort and determination you had to endure the labels people put on ITE students, acknowledge your own weaknesses, and then make it through in spite of all that.

      (3) A lot more attention needs to be paid to what Aaron is trying to say in the video. Not how he’s saying it (because he’s shouting and obviously exasperated), but what he’s saying. He’s saying that, like you, after being demeaned by everyone just because of the school he’s from, he managed to make it to poly. And he just wants to be acknowledged for his efforts.

      To you i’d like to end off by saying that if the education you received at ITE has led you to where you are today: someone capable of making these hard life decisions, honest to recognise your own flaws, and brave enough to stand up for what you believe in/see to be wrong, then it is better an education than anyone could have received – regardless of which school they come from. It’s an education that teaches you how to live and be a better person, rather than one that makes a person believe they are a better person than those around them simply by virtue of where they come from.

      To everyone else that might happen to chance across this: I urge you to listen to what he’s trying to say rather than how he’s saying it. He might not be polite or coherent in his manner of speaking, but the essence of what he’s saying holds true.

      Thank you.

      1. Thank you. I do apperciate the words of encouragment and some points you did bring up. Whoever you are i hope one day we can meet.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      I applaud you for choosing filial piety over your own personal growth for now and working towards making life better for your family. That action and decision, show me that you are a considerate and responsible individual – regardless if you come from ITE or not.

      What is most crucial, is that you have become a beautiful person you are today because you have gone through the hard times so that you can and will always appreciate the good times. We all have our own struggles, trials and tribulations but we keep going so that we can become the best version of ourselves everyday.

      Life is unpredictable as we would never know when we’re going to go. Are we going to spend the days hoping someone to validate our existence/success/beauty/attitudes…So that we’ll feel better? Life is too short for that! Validate yourself and be the happiness you want to be.

      Only you can choose how you want to look at your life, that has passed, that it is now and that it will be. As for Aaron, he is clearly a broken individual on the inside looking for validation from the outside. For me, that goes beyond what school he’s from. I’m more concerned about what goes through his heart and mind every single day.

      So yes, validate, love, appreciate and be kind to yourself always. Because if you don’t, who will?

      Take care there and be a better version of yourself everyday. 🙂

    3. Firstly, unless times have changed since i graduated in year 2000, poly teaches technical knowledge and skills NOT moral values, etc… thus, i really don’t think the poly lecturers are teaching their students to look down upon ITE students. Secondly, I have personally never seen anyone pay special attention to ITE students either negatively or positively; so are you being a little sensitive about being glared at by everyone?

    4. Same here, graduated from ITE.
      Over the years I learned that people don’t really look down on ITE students, but is the way some of them behaves. (The upbringing play’s a big part)

      Aaron Lim is a very good example why people look down on ITE students. He has no social skills, communication skills and most importantly “RESPECT”

      The successful people have master these important quality’s over the years:
      Leadership, Body language, Positivity, Communication skills with amazing ice breaking, Choice of words, Knowledge, Integrity and most importantly Attitude. (These are stuff you can’t learn in school. Lets face it, govt teachers are only book smart)

      My Encik during my NS Days only have PSLE, today he holds the title of Senior Master Warrant Officer.
      My Boss only have N level and his only 32 years old, he startup a company from nothing, today most of the guys in the company are earning 5 digits every single month.

      The mortal of the story:
      Nothing is as powerful as time. Never look down on anyone, we will never know when this person will rise up above us.

  2. There nothing wrong to be in ITE, i am a student who went to EM3 during my primary school and eventually went to normal technical , as usual i got lot of underline for most of the subjects i took. But luckily managed to secure a slot of the course i like at ITE. Frankly speaking ITE it the best time for me not only learn about education, i met people with different background whereby that the time you know how to manage those good and bad friend.

    To be honest i met a ITE lecturer who willing to goes extra mile just to ensure that you put in effort for your class. Because of this lecturer, i got in to temasek poly as well, after poly education. I managed to go to university’s now.

    Morale of this story is that it never too late to study. Different people have different ability and capability. It just that yourself dont give up, It okay to fail and get look down by other if you happen to have. In fact actually it good to let people look down on you because that serve as a motivation factor will help me strive till now.

    Overall JIAYOU to all fellow ITE mates.
    Work hard and sooner or later.
    Everyone will success in life

    1. You do you, lovely person! 🙂 Stay positive and keep learning and growing to be a better person everyday! 🙂 Cheers!

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