In a viral Facebook video from Gadget Addict, we can see a Filipina driver hailed by traffic enforcers in the Philippines for illegal parking. But what shocks everyone is when she starts driving away, which causes the enforcers to follow her on their motorbikes, eventually chasing her through a very busy highway in the Philippines. The Filipino mother’s 3 km car chase is filmed with a number of enforcers.

Reports say she was a government employee at the Commission on Audit. She confirmed in the video that she did work for the government.

Watch the video below:

Parked illegally, tried to get away, got mad at enforcers

From the video above, you can see that the woman got into her car as it was parked along a very busy major high way in Metro Manila. When the traffic enforcers (several of them in a car and motorcycles) try to stop her, with one of them knocking on her window to wait for her to alight, she pulls away and begins driving fast.

After 3 kilometres, she stops at a government office, where reports say she is an employee. She then alights her car and present identification, and at first apologises.

The authorities then lecture her that she was illegally parked there and that her driving while she was trying to get away from them had endangered not only the other motorists but especially the children in her car.

While the traffic enforcers lectured her, she said she understood what she did.

Takes out her child, tries to say she was not illegally parked

Later in the video, she goes back to her car and takes out a small child, whom she holds while speaking with the traffic enforcer.

When the person filming the video talks to the traffic enforcer writing her a ticket, she starts to say that she only wanted to grab a bottle of water at a 7-11. She had left her car running along the highway, and the enforcer had told her it was not allowed.

She insisted that she wasn’t parking since she only stepped out for a moment to buy water. According to the enforcer, the penalties for that include confiscation of license, a fine, and mandatory attendance in a traffic rules seminar.

The woman became angry when another official told her that she had put her children in danger. She began to raise her voice and told the enforcer to “Shut up! You put my kids out of this conversation ! Shut up! Don’t drag my kids into this conversation !”

She said she would not tolerate having her children mentioned. The enforcer backs off and the video ends.

What do netizens have to say?

The owner of the page took the time to give people advice on what to do when faced with a traffic violation.

Someone told everybody what would happen if this was an event in the US.

Another commenter wants the woman to lose her license for her bad behaviour.

Another commenter analysed the speed at which she was going. While the woman was going along a 4-6 lane highway, weaving in between cars is dangerous, especially if there are children in the car.

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