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What if you get matched in an Uberpool with your ex and her new boyfriend? Aj Magallon knows exactly how that feels

What if you get matched in an Uberpool with your ex and her new boyfriend? Aj Magallon knows exactly how that feels

When Fate is out to get you, it certainly doesn’t pull any punches. This Uberpool fail with Aj Magallon really makes us think that Valentine’s Day may be out to get some of us.

What’s the worst Valentine’s Day event that’s happened to you? What’s the worst Uber experience to ever happen to you? This guy from the Philippines, Aj Magallon, may have gotten both at the same time. He’s an IT professional working in the Philippines, and apparently, the unluckiest guy in the world today.

In a recent Facebook post, Aj shared that his Uberpool matched him with his ex-girlfriend and her current beau.

Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it.

What do you do?

Sure, he’s making a peace sign and his ex and her boyfriend are all smiles, but we can feel the awkwardness all the way over here in Singapore.

While most people would completely avoid situations like this, being forced into an Uber with someone from your past is quite the coincidence! Out of all the people in Manila who are going somewhere, you had to get your ex AND her new lover in the same vehicle.

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What’s more, you can’t tell the driver you aren’t going to get on–or worse, you can’t get out if you’re already in the car. Unless you want to make a scene. You’d also have to explain to the driver why you’re suddenly leaving the car. All the questions. All the explanations.

Do you make light of it? Are you cool with it?

Or do you just say nope and to hell with the charge on your credit card? Or worse, do you pay cash to the driver but refuse to enter because you simply can’t stand them?

Where do you go? What do you do? Is this the real life?

Aj didn’t seem to mind, and he even engaged with everyone in the comments section (or is he just dying inside?):

Aj wanted to report the trip for an unrequested stop. I’m sure Uber would understand. Right? Right?

Aj may also be leveraging this for some exposure or internet cred. We say he deserves it!

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But in the end, everyone got along–because Monster Hunter trumps love life. Notice that he didn’t mention talking to his ex, though? That’s a subtle burn if we ever saw one!

But what about Aj’s ex?! What does she have to say about this? Well, it seems she’s uber-cool about the whole thing, as she contributed to the conversation with photos of her and Aj! Which it seems she hasn’t deleted from her own storage as well:

Here are more photos of the couple before the breakup:

Take note that some of these photos are STILL up on Aj’s Facebook page, even if they were taken more than a year ago:



Everyone reacts

Predictably, netizens reacted to this once-in-a-lifetime chance of someone getting screwed over by Uber’s algorithm so close to Valentine’s Day, and the discussion is brutal:

Oh no, is this bad for Uber’s brand?

Apparently, the guy is a foreigner. Even if the Philippines, this thing is a problem.

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While others just needed more Monster Hunter in their life.

What do you think of this cruel twist of fate? Would you get into an Uberpool? Would you leave the Uber?

Let us know in the comments!

Header image from Aj Magallon Facebook profile.

Meanwhile, here’s a guy who’s probably laying low because ALL his exes got together and roasted him online!

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