A Singaporean influencer, @jimbradley on Instagram, is now being hunted for swapping an original Rolex watch with a fake one. Hold your horses on passing judgement though – he may be innocent for all we know as it is just an accusation at the moment.

The victim’s friend of the said theft, Zhong Jun Ming (俊铭钟), posted their concern on Facebook and asked people to watch out for Jim Bradley, the person of interest, and his “scrubby friends”, as he calls it.

How it happened…

In his statement, Zhong Jun Ming said that Jim Bradley’s friend went to meet with the victim’s fiancé to view the watch. The victim’s fiancé did not realize that their original watch had already been swapped for a fake. The lost watch was a Rolex Full Gold GMT with Jade Dial.

The concerned parties are certain that Jim Bradley and his friends are the ones who stole the watch. Apparently, the victim doesn’t have solid proof that Jim was the real culprit. His basis of the accusation is only through social judgement knowing that Jim Bradley is not rich enough, and there’s no way he can afford an original Rolex watch. He even accused the suspect that this is not the first time Jim did this. He claims to know other people that were also victims of Jim’s racket.

Jim Bradley disappeared online

Unfortunately, there is no other proof to support the victim’s allegation other than the thief being directly linked to Jim. Jim Bradley was a social media influencer with about 7,007 followers on Instagram. But, the weird thing is that he deleted his Instagram account and completely vanished after the Facebook post went viral. However, netizens found out that he made another Instagram account and started again from scratch.

His Carousell Account ‘luxlifeforlife’ is also still active and selling. Netizens advised everyone to avoid ordering items from the said account.

As the speculation goes on, the victims already reported Jim to the authorities. Netizens also shared their personal knowledge about Jim and where to find him.

The victims left a parting message to Jim saying, “You want something you earn it. Not taking other people’s hard-earned stuff.”

It’s all pretty messed up with accusations flying and a missing accused who has not come out to clear his name. In any case, looks like this influencer won’t be able to influence anyone for the time being, having deleted his money-making Instagram account.

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