Tan Hui Zen and Pua Hak Chan: Husband blames wife for abusing intellectually-impaired girl, says he was also a victim and too scared to stop her

More than two years after the death of intellectually-impaired and systematically-abused Annie Ee Yu Lian, her killers and abusers are set to be sentenced.

Tan Hui Zen, 33, and Pua Had Chan, 38, beat Annie regularly in increasing viciousness in the last eight months of her life until she succumbed to horrifying injuries–none of which were treated.

Their reasons?

Pua says he could not say no to his wife out of fear.

And Tan has been diagnosed with anger management and anxiety issues.

Why did they hurt her so badly?

Details on the case and the motive behind the systematic abuse came to light after the hearing last week.

According to a Chinese news source, Zaobao.com, the husband, Pua, said that he only hit Annie because his wife ordered him to.

Here is how he justified the abuse he inflicted on Annie, who could do nothing but accept it, as she had low IQ and no one was around to protect or be an advocate for her:

“I am afraid of my wife. I don’t agree with beating the victim, but if I don’t assist my wife to beat her, my wife will continue to beat her non-stop.”

He claims that when his wife beat the victim till she is tired, he will takeover becuase his wife ask him to and he is scare of his wife.

When his wife discovers he is not beating the victim hard enough, he will hit harder as he would not dare to defy his wife.

Sometimes, he also felt the wife should not be beating the vicitim. When he saw the victim’s buttock was seriously injured, he told his wife to let her rest for one or two weeks and only hit her again after she recover.

But his wife refused to listen. After 2 to 3 days rest, she started beating her again.

He said, “I don’t dare to defy my wife. There were many occasions when she beat up the victim, and he continued that, “I was there but I did not participate.”

He also said that on 2014 Dec 29, he overdosed on some medication and ended up in Khoo Teck Phua Hospital for emergency rescue. after he got home, his wife was taking her anger on the victim, beating her viciously.
The guy claims that he could not stand what his wife was doing, but didn’t know what to do. So he “overdosed on medicine” to numb himself.

What about Tan?

While the husband blamed his wife for the beatings and tried to exonerate himself, the wife’s defence had a different strategy.

According to Tan’s defence, she was driven to abuse the victim because of her fragile and complex mental state brought about by three miscarriages.

An Institute of Mental Health report said Tan’s mental construct was “complex” as she had multiple psychiatric conditions including a borderline personality disorder and depression.

What do the prosecutors think?

According to prosecutors, the excuses used by Pua did not justify the abuse he did. He continued to abuse Annie after his overdose, and was unable to stand up to his wife. Even if he was scared of his wife, he could have simply refused or have gone to the police.
In the end, he even tried to use his wife to get leniency.
As for Tan, an evaluation revealed that she had mental problems, but she had enough faculties to manipulate Annie into shifting jobs and even sitting in on an interview. While she may be suffering from different conditions, she is still fully aware of her actions.

What do netizens think about this case?

Here are some reactions to Pua’s statements on why he abused Annie:
Some said that he could have two motives for his excuses.
People have referred to Pua as “dog man” while others protest the term.
Others bought his story.
Others want him hanged.
Some bemoaned the state of Singaporean criminal law.
A lot of people still want to see him hanged.
Other people think he really is just making any excuse.
Some were quite specific with what they wanted to happen in terms of the cane.
What do you think should happen to the couple for what they did? Let us know in the comments!
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