Alvinology Christmas Guide: Work and Live Better with Dyson - Alvinology

Alvinology Christmas Guide: Work and Live Better with Dyson

I’ve never fancied myself a Dyson user. Initially, my impression of it is no more than some art-deco inspired home appliance that looks better than how it actually performs. But who knew, this mindset of mine took for a complete change after my first encounter with Dyson Pure Cool Link a year ago!

Dyson doesn’t just adorn your home or office beautifully, the functions blew me away (not literally). Don’t believe me? Simply check out the pictures below, or our hands-on experience with the Dyson Supersonic.

The moment I turned into a believer may be the time when I welcomed the Pure Cool Link fan into my home, but that belief got deeper when I got down to use the Dyson V8 Fluffy in our AM Collective workspace. The Dyson V8, a cordless vacuum, is incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre – don’t be fooled by the apparent weight of its Excalibur-like looks. More importantly, though, it can suck up all your pesky dirt and dust more efficiently than your traditional vacuum cleaner. That is a blessing, especially when we have to clean up after a big shoot or our favourite company activity: office party! (Cue the woops).

Alvinology Christmas Guide: Work and Live Better with Dyson - Alvinology

With the Dyson V8, there is no need to fiddle with plugs or get your ankles entangled in an endless coil of cords. Just remove from the docking station and start your great spring cleaning.

Other than our new ‘domestic helper’, let’s turn our attention back to the Dyson Pure Cool Link. As furnishings, electronic gadgets and household products stored in our office are capable of emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – a gaseous pollutant that can have adverse effects on our health – the purifier fan tower filters out 99.9% of invisible allergens, odours and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. If you don’t already know, that is a bad mix of ingredients responsible for your common cold and cough, as well as sluggish productivity in the office.

Alvinology Christmas Guide: Work and Live Better with Dyson - Alvinology
The secret to staying zen is to breathe better air…

Unlike other brand’s air purifier, the Dyson Pure Cool Link is lightweight and easy to move around – much like the Dyson V8. We can practically set the fan up at any corner in our office.

That said, spring cleaning and sterilisation are processes that people love putting off if they could help it. You want professional help without a professional? Then these Dyson germ busters could be the closest thing to it. Never mind the lazybones and germophobes, this is a great gift for your friends and family (especially those with children) this Christmas!

The Dyson Pure Cool Link and V8 Fluffy cord-free vacuum are available on and major departmental and electrical stores from S$699 and S$899.

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