Ready to feel like you’re in high school again? Nokia is back with the iconic 3310–updated for today’s tech but still as hardy as ever.

When is it available?

Available in Singapore from October, the Nokia 3310 3G combines the talk and text appeal of the current model with a 3G data connection, meaning you can now enjoy the classic across more countries.

The retro user interface has been improved to deliver an enhanced, customisable experience meaning you can now change the icon colours and position to ensure your favourite functions are exactly where you want them to be.

If the 3310 was your grandpa, the 3310 3G is your grandpa on internet all the time. Literally. That’s not necessarily a bad thing especially if you’re the favorite grandchild.

Take a look at the features:

In keeping with the series’ bold and colourful heritage, the Nokia 3310 3G is available in four distinctive colours – the ever popular Yellow and Warm Red, and beautiful new Azure and Charcoal hues, all with a matte finish and new silver keypads.


Ergonomically redesigned for an even better in-hand experience, Nokia 3310 3G has more spacing between the buttons, letting you dial, text and tweet more comfortably.


3G future proofing

The addition of 3G data connectivity brings this popular phone to even more fans around the world. The Nokia 3310 3G has up to six hours of talk time and an impressive up to 27 days of standby time so you’re always able to stay in touch.

What are you excited the most about the 3310 3G? The battery life? The talktime? Or if it can still survive getting thrown down a flight of stairs?

Let us know in the comments!