Today is a milestone in Singapore’s history as Halimah Yacob is declared the first-ever female President-Elect for Singapore.

Twitter has launched an emoji for President-Elect Halimah to enable Singaporeans and people all over the world to mark this special occasion, send their congratulations to her and Singapore, and talk about this historic moment for the nation.

This is the first time that Twitter has created a special emoji for a national leader in Singapore, and the first-ever Twitter emoji for a female head of state anywhere in the world.

The design

The Twitter emoji design of the new President-Elect, in collaboration with @MothershipSG, is based on her widely-recognised likeness, but in national colours for her tudung.

From now to 1 October 2017, the emoji will appear in Tweets that include the following hashtags: #HalimahYacob, #PresidentHalimah, #MdmPresident, #SingaporePE2017, #PE2017, and #SGElections. The Twitter emoji will enable Singaporeans to easily converse in a fun way about their new President-Elect through a simple Tweet.




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Header image from Halimah Yacob Facebook page.