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International jeweller sues Rosmah Mansor for jewellery she allegedly hasn’t returned amounting to $20 million

Apparently, being rich doesn’t mean that you can be a good client.

A jeweller is suing Rosmah Mansor for being allegedly unable to pay for or return jewellery that was put into her possession amounting to more than $20 million.

The jeweller, Global Royalty Trading SAL, is an internationally-known company that operates out of Lebanon but serves wealthy clientele all over the world. They are

But according to Rosmah, whom the firm identified as a regular customer, the jewellery is in the possession of the Malaysian government, and the recovery is out of her hands.

How did she get so much jewellery?

According to reports by Asia One, the firm usually releases pieces of jewellery to Rosmah on a “consignment basis.” Rosmah would then allegedly choose which pieces she would like and pay for them then return the rest.

Usually, Rosmah would reportedly receive the jewellery personally and then choose which ones she liked. Afterwards, she would return the pieces she didn’t like and payment was made through some of her agents all over Asia, some from Singapore.

The firm said, “This was the natural course of all transactions between the plantiff (Global Royalty) and the defendant. All dealings were done with vide the plaintiff’s representative and/or salesperson.”

All in all, the jeweller alleged that the 44 pieces of jewellery released to Rosmah amounts to $20,097,318.

According to reports, “Among the priciest items is a diamond cushion ring at US$925,000. The ring consists of a 16.5-carat fancy greenish blue diamond with a VVS2 grade certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

“The least expensive is a pair of fancy diamond earrings with 64 diamonds, weighing 31.96 carats, worth US$124,000.”

What does Rosmah say?

After the regime of her husband crashed, their apartment and the belongings inside were seized, which included cash, designer bags, jewellery and other items that amounted to RM 1.1 billion.

According to Rosmah, the jewellery that Global Royalty SAL is asking for has been seized by the Malaysian government, and that she could not recover them.

Global Royalty Trading SAL says Rosmah has to pay

Since the firm allegedly has receipts and documentation stating that Rosmah received the jewellery, they are now asking the Malaysian government to provide a list and proof that they are in possession of these pieces.

The firm is also saying that since Rosmah had allegedly received these jewellery, she is ultimately responsible for them, and they they should be returned.

If the jewellery would not be returned or recovered for any reason, the firm says that Rosmah would be asked to pay for them with an eight percent per annum from the time recovery is ordered to the actual time she settles them.

When Rosmah Mansor and ex-premier Najib Rezak fell from power, the new administration seized the assets of the couple that they could, which included cash, Hermes bags, other designer bag brands, jewellery, designer sunglasses and beautiful clothes.

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Header image from, Rosmah Mansor on May 8, 2018.

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