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Go on a yoga retreat in Malaysia’s Tanjong Jara Resort with lululemon!

Luxury retreat Tanjong Jara Resort, announced its new yoga retreat in collaboration with athletics apparel brand, lululemon, and their first ambassador in Malaysia.

Taking place between the 27th to 29th October, the Sucimurni Retreat will be led by one of Malaysia’s most recognised yoga teachers. None other than founder and instructor of Upward Yoga studio, Ninie Ahmad.

The Sucimurni Retreat offers Singaporeans a unique wellness experience that also serves as a quick getaway, which aims to provide guests a refuge from the pressures of daily life.

What’s it all about?

“Forming the basis of this retreat is the concept of Sucimurni which places emphasis on the purity of mind and spirit to heal the body”, says Jessica Yong, Marketing and Communications Director of YTL Hotels.

“The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga very much aligns with this concept as it teaches students to be more mindful. Through this programme, we not only want to provide guests the chance to recharge but also skills that they can then integrate into their own lives to ultimately help them heal from within,” says Ms. Yong.

Who is leading the retreat?

Taking the helm at this retreat, Ninie Ahmad says “One of our guiding philosophies at lululemon is to empower people and provide the tools and resources to help them live their best lives. That’s why we’re very excited to work with YTL Hotels on this retreat as it perfectly demonstrates those values and reflects what we’re all about as a company. It is my hope that guests will take away valuable lessons from this programme which will become the building blocks towards a healthier life,” says Ms. Ahmad.

With over 15 years of yoga experience, Ninie has trained at the renowned Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto. Opening her yoga studio, Upward Yoga, back in 2011, Ninie describes herself as a “cheerleader yoga teacher” and leads her classes with detailed instructions and positive affirmations – making her students stretch well past their limits to reach their potential.

What’s gonna happen?

Encompassing a weekend of yoga, a highlight of this retreat also includes a Zendoodling session.  Additionally, guests will also partake in the resort’s signature Sucimurni Exercise – a series of stretches inspired by the main animal chakras led by the resort’s very own Captain Mokh.

Learn more about the retreat

The Sucimurni Retreat is priced at an estimated SGD 275++ (MYR 857 ++) per room per night, all-inclusive. For more information and booking, kindly visit:


Header image from Tanjong Jara Resort Facebook page.

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