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Toyota’s new free app Mobilmo lets kids create vehicles, swap parts, battle in mini games and meet other makers

Toyota wants children to learn about the manufacturing process and get into the creative and engineering mindset with their new app, Mobilmo.

With this new app, users of all ages can choose from over 100 3D shapes to create a moving figure that can explore the world Toyota has prepared for the users called Cosmobi.

Once users have been able to reach certain milestones, the area for mini games, part swapping and other features get unlocked.

Take a look at the app video here: Mobilmo

Here are the features of the app:


With over 100 3D parts to choose from, Mobilmo is a new foray into the craft of the future of manufacturing. You can make your Mobilmo cool, cute, and even strange looking―your own original creation.


Add your favorite movement to your Mobilmo, and your Mobilmo will remember it. Do you want your Mobilmo to run? To fly? To dance? It is easy to add any kind of movement with the touch of your finger to your Mobilmo.


After you create and add movement to your Mobilmo, you are free to explore the vast expanses of the giant planet of Cosmobi. Once your Mobilmo leaves a footprint (footprint = uploading your original Mobilmo) on Cosmobi, your Mobilmo becomes visible to other players on Cosmobi.

Meet and Clone Parts

Once you meet other Mobilmo created by other players on Cosmobi, you can exchange parts with other Mobilmo friends. Explore various places with your Mobilmo, and connect with other Mobilmo players from around the world.

Other features include mini games, extra worlds to explore, emblems to earn and even modes to see what everyone else has made!

Anyone can actually enjoy the app as it has two modes, one for beginners (kids and kids-at-heart) and one for more advanced users that have mastered the basic shapes.

Download the app here:



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