Have you spotted this bus in the wild yet?

Singapore’s award-winning bus app now has an actual bus plying the roads!

According to SG BusLeh’s facebook page, there’s now a giveaway for those who spot the SG Busleh bus in the wild!

Spot the SG BusLeh Bus on the road, snap a photo and hashtag #sgbusleh on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and stand a chance to win ad-free version of SG BusLeh for your entire LIFE!

We will be looking out for your photos starting from today!

Have you seen this bus? Snap a photo today!

Here’s a video of the bus’ unveil.


Pssst… I hear that this bus travels to popular tourist hotspots, Tuas and Orchard area frequently! This bus will also be one of the buses chartered for NDP 2017!