Liar liar pants on fire.

American fraudster Mikhy K. Farrera-Brochez, 32, got caught for one thing and his house of cards started to crumble as all his lies got unravelled one after another.

Farrera-Brochez has been making headlines for a unique crime – he faked his HIV blood test results. What’s worse, his Singaporean partner, Ler Teck Siang, a general practitioner here, was in on it.

BREAKING: Brochez takes revenge with massive HIV-positive status leak on 14,200 people living in Singapore.

That isn’t the only thing the American citizen is found guilty of – his entire life on paper has been a sham as more skeletons in his closet see the light of day. Here is everything you need to know about him:

He faked his HIV blood test to come work in Singapore 

Source: Myspace.

It’s simply unheard of – but Farrera-Brochez was found to have committed a grave criminal offence. He lied to MOM about his HIV status, when he applied for an Employment Pass (EP) to stay with his Singaporean boyfriend.

He enlisted the help of his boyfriend in manipulating the results of the HIV blood test to clear the application process. Who knows how many have fallen prey to his blatant dishonesty and unethical ways? We can’t even begin to imagine.

He was a former lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic

Source: AsiaOne.

As a former lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic in two courses – Early Childhood Studies and Psychology Studies, he had mentioned that, “Childhood development is not about making the child a genius, but to help children be all that they can be.”

Come to think of it, could he have meant that along the lines of lying to get what he wants, with complete disregard for morals? We shudder at the thought of him teaching and interacting with young and impressionable students.

He had no idea he was gifted, really? 

In an interview with The New Paper in 2010, he claimed to be trilingual and well-versed in Hebrew, English and Spanish. He even went on to boast about entering Princeton University at 13 before transferring to Vanderbilt University as the latter was better in linguistic courses.

His story sounded sketchy but that didn’t keep him from pushing it. He continued to attribute his success to his mother experimenting theories of gifted education on him since a young age. Well, we’re pretty sure his mom didn’t forget to teach him a little something about honesty as he was groomed to be a “child prodigy”.

Also, he had no idea he was gifted but knew that testing positive for HIV would bar him from coming to work in Singapore. We really got to give it to him for being so “gifted”.

His educational qualifications are a sham

Mikhy Farrera-Brochez’s profile on

While he claimed to be the youngest registered psychologist in the American Psychological Association, we’d go out on a limb to say that’s complete BS. Also, so much for boasting that he’s a genius since young, his doctorate degree in psychology and education from the University of Paris was found to be bogus.

His level of shadiness? To the max. 


Last but not least, he dabbled in drugs 

In Singapore, drugs are a no-go zone unless you’ve a death wish. If an individual is audacious enough to fake official documents and lie about his HIV status over the course of 8 years, what’s stopping the daredevil to consume banned drugs?

Fair enough, Farrera-Brochez was found to be in possession of ketamine and cannabis mixture in May 2016. On the 1st of March, he was sentenced to 28 months’ jail as he pleaded guilty to a total of 6 charges with 17 pending. The other 3 charges that had been taken into consideration, were to be mentioned at a later date.

Now that his cover is blown on so many levels, his life may be better behind bars.