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Bali, Indonesia, Some of the places you should go

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Hi everyone, I am Yong Wei and I will be writing a travel guide to Bali with as much important information that you’ll need to know before you get there.

I want to make it as easy, safe and recommend some great places for you to visit and bring back home some great memories.

Bali– the ultimate paradise on earth. This is an island known for its tranquility and is perfect for yoga and meditation retreats. Yet you can also find a vibrant nightlife in the beachside city of Kuta, while seminyak, Sanur and nusa day are popular for relaxing vacations. For the religious, cliffside Uluwatu temple is a must-visit to attain peace of mind and blessings.

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Getting in

img_3395Bali is a accessible by the following:

Flight (Recommended):

International and Domestic: Ngurah Rai International Airport (Also known as DPS or Denpasar International Airport)

Planning to fly to Bali soon? Click here to check out the cheapest flights available.

Sea and Bus: 

Ferries are available at Gilimanuk, operating 24 hours daily at 15 minute intervals. From there you can either switch to a taxi or a bus to get to Kuta, however we do not recommend this if you’re not staying for long as it will take you approximately 3 to 6 hours depending on road and weather conditions.

Stay connected


Of all the telcos available that we tried and tested, Simpati was the best as it gave us coverage even in the mountainous areas.

Price of sim cards: Approximately USD$0.60 to USD$5 depending on your package. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly.)

Sim cards are available in convenience stores such as Circle K, do take note that vendors may charge different prices in different shops, walk around a little and look for the best prices before purchasing if you’re not used to bargaining.

Important phone numbers:
Police: 112

Medical: 112

Ambulance: 118

Fire: 113

Tourist Police +62 (0)361 – 7545 9922 4111

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What’s the weather like?



The best months to visit Bali to get a comfortable tropical experience will be between april and early-october due to the dryer seasons, as it is a tropical region, do expect the occasional rain which normally lasts between minutes to a couple of hours.

It is also advisable to get yourself loaded with sun lotion to prevent sunburns, which is readily available at any convenience store in Bali.

What to wear in Bali?

Get yourself comfortable, simple tees and a pair of good trekking shoes to explore around. Don’t forget a pair of slippers for the beach too!



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Renting a motorbike:

In the popular tourist districts such as Kuta and Seminyak, motorbike rentals can be found easily. Daily rates start from around

  • Daily: IDR30,000-50,000 or USD$3~
  • Weekly: IDR200,000-250,000 or USD$16~
  • Monthly: IDR650,000-750,000 or USD$58~

Speed limit: 50km/hour or 30mph

Note: According to locals’ advice, it is discouraged to rent as the police are often targeting foreigners for “fines”, be prepared to handover IDR30,000 to 50,000 should you be stopped as quickly as possible before the police calls for any backups, otherwise you’ll have more “fines” to pay.

The roads can be pretty unpredictable and with pot holes everywhere, it is relatively safe to ride within upbuilt areas, but from what I observed while getting to far places, other vehicles tend to squeeze their way through to overtake.

It is also culturally accepted to dump construction materials by the roadside, take extra caution to avoid it.


And if you do get a bike, be prepared for an adventure! Getting around will be extra convenient and up to your own pace. I didn’t have to wait for a taxi, or get ripped off by Blue Bird Taxi imitations.





Taxis are readily available everywhere and are relatively cheap, always make sure that the meter is turned on, walk out and find another taxi if the driver refuses to comply.

Tip: Look for Blue Bird Taxis only

Price of a taxi ride: Approximately IDR7000 Base fare + IDR7000/km (USD$0.50~ + USD$0.50~)

Uber and Grab available, but it is not recommended for your safety as taxi mafias are against its practices and policies, you’ll also not be able to alight at most establishments, your driver will likely drop you off a distance away and you’ll have to walk.

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1. Uluwatu temple

A popular place to visit by both locals and tourist, it sits roughly 70m above the coast, with a splendid and wide open view of the sea facing west. It is a great wonder how an ancient architecture like this, still stands after hundreds of years on a cliff with destructive waves beating it. bali-trip-skyscanner-50   Waist-height parapets made of stones. bali-trip-skyscanner-59   bali-trip-skyscanner-58


Take note: The monkeys in Bali are all very cheeky and aggresive, there are probably hundreds of them living around the temple and they are known to snatch any loose items on you. (Spectacles, cameras, bags). Always approach the rangers for help should you have items snatched off, you wouldn’t want to ruin your holiday with injuries from an animal attack. bali-trip-skyscanner-45

Destructive waves below Uluwatu temple. bali-trip-skyscanner-79

A great place to watch the sunset, too bad I was there on a cloudy day. bali-trip-skyscanner-88  

As mentioned before, be aware of your surroundings, the snatch thieves and pick pockets in Bali are mostly not human.   via GIPHY

2.Tegallalang Rice Terrace & Campuhan Ridge Walk

Crowd level: 1/5

Good to visit Located about 600m above sea level, the rice terrace is a pleasantly cool and breezy place to explore  and understand how rice is grown. It is also conveniently connected to the Campuhan ridge walk that nature/trekking lovers will definitely like. bali-trip-skyscanner-231

The rice terraces bali-trip-skyscanner-230

Tip: Less tiring trek

For a less tiring experience through the Campuhan Ridge Walk, have your driver drop you off at Karsa Cafe (Map),  then proceed to trek downhill towards the main entrance of Campuhan Ridge. I did the opposite and it was tiring but nonetheless pretty breathtaking anyways.

Bali, Indonesia, Some of the places you should go - Alvinology
There is only one main path to trek on, you shouldn’t get lost.

bali-trip-skyscanner-233   Dozens of art and handicraft vendors along the way, there is no known/fixed prices for these souvenirs. What you pay will be up to your bargaining skills or how you value their craftsmanship. bali-trip-skyscanner-222 One of the many small cafes that sells the usual commercially available drinks and fresh coconuts. Tip: The toilet is free for use if you purchase any drinks, otherwise you’ll have to pay a fee that’s almost equivalent to a can of coke. bali-trip-skyscanner-221

Instagrammability: A solid 5/7 bali-trip-skyscanner-228 Campuhan Ridge Walk,  a 1.7km trek on a hill 600m above sea level. bali-trip-skyscanner-199   An accidental overexposed photo of the Campuhan ridge walk that looks like an anime scene. bali-trip-skyscanner-196 bali-trip-skyscanner-220   There’s also an old rustic bridge just outside the entrace of Campuhan ridge. Seemingly a great spot to take instagram photos too. bali-trip-skyscanner-187

With the help of the gushing waters and a sunny afternoon weather, a small rainbow appeared right below the bridge. I’m very sure this occurs on a regular basis.

3. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (aka GWK)

Crowd level: 3/5, Website:

A cultural park located in the southern area of Bali, although it’s fairly near to Uluwatu temples, you’ll want to come here on another day to enjoy a traditional show of Kecak Garuda Wisnu that is performed daily, here is a short clip of it.

The beautiful main walkway, long enough to take beautiful instagram shots during non-peak periods.


GWK also has a huge air-conditioned souvenir store with surprisingly decent prices for a commercial place. They’re like one-stop place for you to purchase gifts back to your loved ones and friends back home.

For the quirky families or couples, there’s also photo studio available for hire to pose with traditional Balinese outfits.


Rutavi being absolutely glamorous, let’s hope this picture becomes a popular meme one day on the internet.


Kiersten and Rutavi.


4. Tegenungan Waterfall

Crowd level: 3/5, Location: Map

Tegenungan Waterfall, located in Tegenungan Kemenuh town.  The water looked a little murky but it is suitable for just fooling around. The environment was wet with strong gusts of wind and droplets from the waters, definitely advisable to avoid taking out your non-waterproof gears.



As expected in a touristy spot, loads of souvenir stores can be found along the way, you’ll be able to buy some cheap swimming wears too if you intend to travel light.


Other than the usual touristy souvenir stuff, the locals charges for toilet use, a fairly creative source of revenue too. There’s “Good toilet”, “VIP toilet” and “Clean toilet”, I do wonder if there’s a “Presidential suite toilet”, because I would totally pay to review one. bali-trip-skyscanner-276

There’s no shortcut down to the waterfall, you’ll have to descend through hundreds of stairs, so do remember not to tire yourself too much fooling around at the waterfall. Also don’t rush into getting down as most of the stairs near the bottom are wet and slippery. bali-trip-skyscanner-281

An overview of the waterfall.



Don’t worry be sexy, whoever placed this signage here, you da real MVP.

bali-trip-skyscanner-287   bali-trip-skyscanner-288


Tempted to travel and explore to the wonderful island of Bali yet? Check out the most convenient and cheapest flights on Skyscanner here.


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