ZALORA makes styling your OOTDs easier with #ZALORAStyleEdit and their Be Inspired page - Alvinology

ZALORA makes styling your OOTDs easier with #ZALORAStyleEdit and their Be Inspired page

How many times have you bought an outfit on ZALORA or any shopping site only to find that it doesn’t suit you or you don’t know which shoes to go with it?

ZALORA, Asia’s Online Fashion Destination, officially launches Be Inspired, a curated page that consolidates the latest fashion trends across different themes. Browsing for fashion inspiration is easier than ever, and shoppers can readily get items available on ZALORA to help them achieve the specific look they are going for.

Recognising the role of social media and the community in influencing fashion choices among consumers, ZALORA is also launching #ZALORAStyleEdit, a dedicated page for user-generated images sourced from Instagram. By using the hashtag #ZALORAStyleEdit in their posts, shoppers can upload their outfits of the day and get the chance to see their clothes, shoes and accessories featured on this page.

What’s more, all the items featured are shoppable as they are linked to either the exact ZALORA product or a similar one sold by ZALORA. Shoppers can then shop the look with just a few clicks.

ZALORA makes styling your OOTDs easier with #ZALORAStyleEdit and their Be Inspired page - Alvinology

Be Inspired by ZALORA

The Be Inspired tab promises a curated experience thanks to a prominent navigation menu that highlights 16 evergreen and seasonal trends, as well as occasions and fashion inspiration from around the globe.

Fashionistas who wish to switch up their style can explore multiple options based on the hottest trends of the season or fashion staple categories such as Nudes & Neutrals, Stripes and Bohemian Escapade. They can also discover the perfect outfit for places and occasions like a special wedding,

office event or evening party. Shoppers who have an eye for Korean fashion or would like to see what local labels and designers have to offer can also do so, as ZALORA presents the best assortment through this navigation menu.

The Be Inspired page will be updated every season, so customers will never have to worry about shopping outdated styles. Access Be Inspired at .

Steal the Look with #ZALORAStyleEdit

#ZALORAStyleEdit is a hashtag that ZALORA has been encouraging its followers to use, with the aim of building a fashion community around the ZALORA brand. By using an original and recognisable

hashtag, ZALORA continues to capture the style on the streets and aggregate user-generated images.

These user-generated images accurately portray the way customers have styled their fashion products purchased from ZALORA, and as they are linked to the exact or similar products on the site, other shoppers can share the inspiration, buy the products and achieve the looks they desire, resulting in an authentic experience and serving as social proof of the products.

With a standalone #ZALORAStyleEdit page, customers can also peruse different looks and visualise how the fashion products will look like in the real world, adding depth to what they already see in the catalogue images.

Check out #ZALORAStyleEdit now.

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