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Why Apple Users Will Love PhotoFast?

Apple users rejoice! Taiwanese company PhotoFast has introduced two new accessories that can solve your storage woos. They are the iType-C and 4K iReader. Light-weight and pocked-sized, both devices are Apple MFi certified so rest assured that they will work across all Apple devices and their later iOS updates.


As mobile photography and videography become increasingly popular, Apple upgrades its hardware yearly to allow users to capture hi-res photographs, and sharp 4K quality video footages. Yet, these stunning images and videos often occupy a high storage space. As such, running low on storage is a common issue for most Apple users.

So how do Apple users backup their precious photos and videos today? Well, they can use the free 5GB iCloud storage service or upload them onto Cloud services like Dropbox. Other methods include backing up through AirDrop or iTunes. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if Apple users can transfer their precious moments directly into a “plug-and-play” pocket-sized storage device?

What To Expect From The PhotoFast ONE App?

Before using PhotoFast’s iType-C and 4K iReader, I strongly recommend downloading the PhotoFast ONE app onto your iOS devices. Setup a password lock upon downloading the app. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your data, especially since the app will be the gateway to the contents of your storage devices.


What I really love about the PhotoFast ONE app is the option to backup my contacts, calendar events and photographs automatically when I connect the iType-C or 4K iReader (with microSD card installed). After which, I can secure the backup folder with a password or compress the folder with a .zip extension. I can also uncompress .zip data files with the PhotoFast ONE app.


The PhotoFast ONE app also integrates today’s popular Cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. I can log into these online service and download any files directly into my PhotoFast storage accessory. The PhotoFast ONE app also allows me to download photographs and videos from social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.

This easy to use iOS app is impressive. With just a tap of the button, it allows you to backup, secure and zip your files.


What’s The Difference Between iType-C And 4K iReader

Both the iType-C and 4K iReader are compatible with Apple iOS devices and computers running various OS platforms. Below gives an overview of each device and their functionalities.


The iType-C is tailored for users who frequently share data across platforms. It integrates Lightning, USB-C, micro USB and Standard A interfaces making it the World’s First 4-in-1 storage device.


With these interfaces and USB 3.1 Gen1 design, users can transfer files between iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android and Linux at a fast speed. No drivers are required as this device has a “plug-and-play” feature.


4K iReader

Compatible with cameras which uses microSD cards such as GoPro, action camera and DJI Phantom 4 drone, the PhotoFast 4K iReader allows users to transfer HD and 4K videos without any loss in quality. Built with a Lightning and USB interface, and microSD card slot, users simply have to insert the microSD card into their iOS device or laptops to transfer their files securely.




There are no restrictions on how you want to enjoy your photographs and videos as the 4K iReader is compatible with iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux and Smart TVs.



The iType-C and 4K iReader are reliable storage accessories for all iOS devices. The “plug-and-play” feature allows me to store my photographs and videos, and eases the transferring of files across various OS.Plus, the PhotoFast ONE app allows me to conveniently back up my personal data and encrypt them for security.

The iType-C and 4K iReader are available at all Nubox and Challenger stores. The recommended retail price (inclusive of GST) are as follow:

  • iType-C (64GB) $139.00
  • iType-C (128GB) $189.00
  • 4K Reader $62.90
  • 4K Reader + MicroSD (32GB) $79.90

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