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Dine Like a Star with Stellar At 1-Altitude’s New Dinner Menu

This article was written by Phua Yi Xuan of Asia 361.

Set against the beautiful city skyline of Singapore, Stellar at 1-Altitude has consistently been delivering an elegant gastronomical journey for its diners. As one of Singapore’s most highly acclaimed fine dining restaurants, Stellar is the playground of renowned Executive Chef Christopher Millar.  His constellation-themed creations are enchanting, highlighting the finest flavours from each carefully curated ingredient with progressive techniques. Through each carefully put together dishes, Stellar brings diners on a magical gastronomic voyage with a hint of the Australian essence.

Dine Like a Star with Stellar At 1-Altitude’s New Dinner Menu - Alvinology

Stellar’s newly launched eight-course dinner tasting menu, The Antipodes (pr. An-ti-po-dees) Menu, will transport diners to an epicurean adventure to learn about Chef’s Millar’s Australian heritage, experiences and culinary journeys. Blending the best seasonal ingredients with modern techniques, the Antipodes Menu showcases his unique style of cooking. To elevate the flavours of each curated dish, Stellar’s highly experienced Sommelier has specially hand-picked a wine to be paired with each course.


Photo Credits: Stellar @ 1-Altitude

The dinner kick-started with an exquisite bottle of homemade Vegemite and toasted sourdough. With much anticipation build up for my first spoonful of vegemite in my life, I was thankful that the homemade vegemite did not disappoint. Loyal fans would know that Chef Millar loves to incorporate his unique Australian cooking style into fresh and seasonal ingredients which are found commonly in Japanese cuisine. Unlike the usual vegemite, it was elevated with the infusion of nori.

Dine Like a Star with Stellar At 1-Altitude’s New Dinner Menu - Alvinology

Following the vegemite, we were presented with an intricate appetiser, Snow Crab – a seasonal Japanese Snow Carb parfait encased in braised leeks and harmonised with cured egg yolk and grape mustard. Paired with a glass of PengWine Magellan Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, his rendition of the Snow Crab was no doubt a unique and delightful start to an amazing evening.

Pan-fried to perfection, the Foie Gras surprised us with the interesting combination of the oyster tartare, horseradish and nori butter brioche. The inspiration of this dish originated from Chef’s Millar culinary journey to China where he was served a foie gras drenched in abalone sauce. Initially, he was skeptical and worried about the harmony of the abalone sauce and the foie gras. Much to his surprise, the dish worked with the earthiness of the abalone sauce complementing the foie gras. Similar to Chef Millar, our reservations about the combination of the Foie Gras and the oyster tartare was unnecessary.  The uncanny combination of these ingredients turned out to be one of the noteworthy dishes of the night.


Photo Credits: Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Halfway through the dinner, we took a Trip To The Garden, where we were introduced to fresh herbs grown right in front of the open-concept kitchen. Lemon meringues were nitro-poached, dusted with fresh herb and served to us on the spot. Such interaction was a first and provides an unusual but interesting twist to the dining experience.


Lightly perched on top of a kohlrabi remoulade, the French Wild Skate Wing showcased an amazing flair in both its presentation and taste. The immaculate touches of fresh sliced hazelnuts, capers and confit potato further refined and perfected the dish. Complemented with the pairing of Puy Redon Chardonnay from France, the maximum flavour of this magnificent dish was brought out.

Dine Like a Star with Stellar At 1-Altitude’s New Dinner Menu - Alvinology

Judging from everyone’s clean plates, the highlight of the night was undeniably the Poached Venison Loin with burnt celeriac, pickled parsnip and mushroom vinaigrette. Poached to a beautiful pink colour, the venison loin was subtle in its gamey notes. The delicate and gentle taste of the venison accommodates to a greater crowd including those who are sensitive to the gamy meat flavour. The glass of 2015 Stonier Pinot Noir from Australia further elevated the decadent flavour of the venison and cleansed the palate.


Photo Credits: Stellar @ 1-Altitude

To end off the night, the Antipodes menu featured the Bacon & Eggs – a fascinating combination of sheep’s milk yogurt, elderflower honey and bacon soil. Nevertheless, diners who are not a fan of the Bacon & Eggs can select from the Dessert Menu which features other marvellous sweet creations such as Crab Apple, Valrhona Cremeux, White Peach, Styles of Citron, and Lichu Chocolate Parfait.



Chocolate fanatics will fall in love with the velvety caramelised chocolate cremeux and the crunchy almond praline texture of the Valrhona Cremeux. For diners with a lighter palate, the White Peach and Crab Apple are perfect endings on a light fruity note. Enriched with a hinge of refreshing tartness, the subtle sweetness from the peach and lychee sorbet of the White Peach acts as a perfect and dainty finishing touch to an amazing gastronomic experience.

Fresh seasonal ingredients, unrestrictive food experimentations and a brilliant mind are key ingredients to award-winning Chef Millar’s success recipe. His ingenious inspirations never fail to delight and surprise diners. Available at $190++, The Antipodes is a dinner experience not to be missed. The wine pairing ($115++) is highly recommended in order to savour the full essence of the specially curated dishes. After the exquisite dinner, diners can end their night on a high note by heading up to the tallest alfresco bar in the world – 1-Altitude Rooftop Gallery & Bar. The best part? The entry is free for diners.

Stellar at 1-Altitude
Level 62, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Website: www.1-altitude.com
Phone: +65 6438 0410

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