Image of Xavier Chua via Flipordie

Singapore’s Dream to Win World Pokemon Championship 2016 Destroyed as National Player Jailed For Sex With Minor

Image of Xavier Chua via Flipordie
Image of Xavier Chua via Flipordie

Yes you read the headline correctly. Hold yourself from making those “Gotta Poke Them All” or “Pokemon Balls” jokes. The web is already full of them:


The dude’s name is Xavier Chua Cheng Hao, 25, and he had been sentenced to 11 months in jail for his actions, not to mentioned being named and shamed.

Xavier is no ordinary Pokemon player. He is one of the best in the world, having represented Singapore in a world Pokemon card tournament and beating many other top competitors from around the globe. Read Xavier’s interview with regards to his Pokemon skills here.

Watch Xavier’s interview at the world tournament in 2012:

To be fair to Xavier, there are some people defending him online. They feel that the female victim was at fault too as she was perceived to have ‘seduced’ him, based on the news report:


Via the

“Jobless Xavier Chua Cheng Hao, 25, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual penetration of a 14 year-old minor. Eight similar charges, two under the Films Act and one of sexual exploitation of a minor – the victim’s schoolmate – were considered during his sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelly Ho said Chua, then 22, came to know the girl, then in Secondary 1, in late 2012 at a regional Pokemon event and kept in touch with her on Facebook.

The girl was attracted to Chua and expressed her feelings for him but he rejected her, citing their age gap.

During one conversation, the girl told him about some sexually graphic material that she had read in a novel. Chua told her that she could call him if she wanted to experience anything of a sexual nature.

They began discussing the possibility of them engaging in sexual activities. She agreed to perform a sex act on him even though they were not in a relationship as she thought that he would change his mind if she did so, said DPP Ho.

Their sexual activities lasted from May 2013 until October 2014, when the girl gave up hope of having a relationship with him.”

Pokemon aside, what do you think of the whole saga?

Will Singapore still stand a chance to become the world champion at the next Pokemon card tournament without our star player?


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