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Alvin and Rachel’s Plane Solemnisation – media reports

This entry should have been up right after Rachel and I returned to Singapore from Shantou on 7 Feb. However, as we were in Shantou when the plane solemnisation was reported in the local media, we had to spend some effort gathering the media reports in the various newspapers, news website and TV stations after we got back.

It didn’t help that Rachel and I underestimated the amount of media coverage this event will receive (we thought it only merited a photo caption in one or two newspapers) and did not ask any of our friends or relatives to help us collect these. How wrong were we. From our best of knowledge, the event received coverage from the following:

1. (vodcast and article)

Appearing on the web portal which is my job to promote :)
Appearing on the web portal which is my job to promote 🙂

2. Lianhe Wanbao (3 Feb 2010, pg. 16)

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge

3. Shin Min Daily (2 Feb 2010, pg. 3)

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge

4. RazorTV (vodcast)

On RazorTV
On RazorTV

5. Lianhe Zaobao (3 Feb 2010, didn’t manage to get a copy)
6. Channel 5 news (2 Feb 2010, video recording courtesy of Samuel Ma)

[youtube url=””]

7. Channel 8 news (2 Feb 2010, video recording courtesy of Jeremy Koh)

[youtube url=””]

8. MSN news (didn’t manage to get screen grab)
9. Yahoo news (didn’t manage to get screen grab)
10. CNA website (screen grab courtesy of Ronnie Tan)

On CNA website
On CNA website

We were also pleasantly surprised to be contacted by the Singapore Book of Records to have our plane solemnisation registered for their book next year as the “First Wedding On Board An Airplane”. Cool hor? 🙂

Anyway, if you know of other media reports or have other clippings, recordings or screen grabs which I missed, do email them to me at [email protected]. A big thank you from Rachel and I in advance.

We are now busy planning for our traditional dinner ceremony in June which will be a quiet, cosy, private affair, quite different from our proposal and solemnisation.

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